Jul 292014

Programme for HANDI Health Apps @EHI Live at the NEC, Birmingham – 4th & 5th November 2014, is available to view HERE.

We will have the HANDI App Village in the main exhibition area as last year, but this year with our World Cafe where you can come and discuss digital health issues with members of the HANDI team,  our speakers, exhibitors and other delegates.

We are managing our conference stream differently this year, responding to your feedback from last year that told us you wanted more time for question and discussions. So this year there will be just one keynote speaker each day and we are running 7 workshops over the two-days on subjects our members have told us they want to hear more about. These will follow the format that went really well at our Spring Symposium in London earlier this year. Each workshop will have a panel of 3 or 4 speakers who will each spend 5 minutes to set the scene leaving around 40 minutes for delegates to ask questions and contribute to the debate.

The panel members will be people with expertise and /or direct experience in the subject area. We have already identified some interesting panelists but would welcome volunteers or suggestions from HANDI members.

The themes are:

Wearable Tech

Learn about the rapid development in wearable technology. How these will impact health, care and wellbeing and how you can get wearable devices working and integrated into your digital health strategy.

Integrating Apps

Hear about the challenges associated in getting apps integrated in to the digital health and care ecosystem and the technical and governance challenges associated with interoperability, patient held record and record access and federated information architectures.


Hear about the HANDI Open Platform Demonstrator and how you can use open standards to create and share clinical content and build apps that interoperate.


From Idea to App

Learn what's involved from taking an app from an idea to sustainable product. How do you do it, what might it cost, how do you find partners to work with, what are the regulatory issues and what business models can work for you.

Apps in use

Hear from panellists (both developers and users) who have real world experience of health apps in use and discuss their successes, challenges, and what they have learned from their experiences.

Co-creation for care

This session will explore the latest thinking about the design of new models for care delivery by on patient centred design methods. This session will describe and draw on ongoing work by HANDI in the development of digitally enabled, blended service models for mental health, but the approach has general applicability for all care sectors.


The session will explore the use of gamification in health and care services to improve engagement of patients and service users, improve wellbeing and facilitate lifestyle and behavioural change and will discuss apps and digital tools that use a gamification approach.

If you want to volunteer to join a panel or have suggestions of people you would like to hear contact: ewan@handihealth.org


If you interested in sponsorship opportunities or exhibiting in the Village contact: jill@handihealth.org

You can book online for free now www.ehilive.co.uk

Watch the web site and our Twitter Feed @handihealth for more information soon.