The HANDI Vision for Health Care


[This is work in progress and we very much want your input to help refine, develop and extend it.]

HANDI will create a world where openness and transformational power of IT improves the health and well-being of people.

We have no choice but to do this if we are to address the challenges faced by our healthcare systems from changing demographics; advances in medical, genomic and information technologies; growing consumer demand for choice and individualised healthcare and unrelenting economic pressures.

Openness will bring out about this change. Open standards, open data, open APIs.

We need to use information and technology to support the processes of health, care and well-being.

We envisage a world where each actor in the health and care systems (patient, carer, health professional or care worker) will use a set of applications from multiple providers to support their role in the system. These apps will be “form-factor agile” allowing the user to use  them on multiple devices (phone, tablet, desktop PC, smart TV, etc) as they move around in their daily work and lives. These apps will interact with services which will include knowledge and information sources, patient records and a range of more technical infrastructural services designed to support identity management, interoperability, orchestration, scheduling and other functions required to deliver a seamless experience to the user. Apps will often connect with near patient devices and provide the user interface to telehealth and  telecare services .  Some of these service might be provided by the supplier of the app that uses them for its exclusive use, but in general these services will be provided independently and consumed by many applications and there may often be a choice of services to perform a given function that may be chosen by the app developer or the end user.

Initially, many of these service will be provided by existing systems originally designed as a integrated, monolithic solutions, but opened up to the new ways of working by the use of APIs and service orientated wrappers. Over time suppliers will realign their business models and most will choose to position themselves as either app, service or infrastructure providers, although some may try and provide services and more than one level in the stack. Individual users are unlikely to want to assemble and configure their own set of apps (although some may choose to do so) and it is likely that this will be done by their employer or a new generation of independent, small, specialist system integrators who will assemble a set of apps and services for a particular class of user  and support them in their use, thus reducing the complexity of choice to a level that meets the end user wishes. For example there might be companies providing a package to support a GP or a self help group might assemble a package suitable for the use of it members with a particular condition, or a care manager might assemble a package tailored to the need of those for whom it manages care.

HANDI wants to be open and inclusive agent for disruption, collaboration and competition to make this happen, by providing support, guidance and networking opportunities for those who share our vision and by campaigning to ensure that we get the open approach and open infrastructure we need to create sustainable business models for a new generation of health and care applications that will enable us to deal with the challenges the global healthcare system in general and the NHS in particular face.

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  1. HANDI should liaise with the PRIMIS unit at Nottingham University. We are a not-for-profit organisation devoted to improving health care through better use of healthcare data. We employ staff and, therefore, have to charge for our involvement, but we are not seeking investment beyond our reasonable expenses.


  2. […] is behind HANDI?Our PlansHow you can helpThe HANDI Vision for Health CareFree Launch WorkshopsQ&AContact us / Join Us […]

  3. This is a great concept. I am an expert in embedded system – i would love to attend the event since am living in Newcastle. Besides, i will try to talk you guys if we could also extend this to other part of the world.


  4. This from the excellent HANDI talk session at the EHI conference, 5 enthusiasts on he the stage 60 people up front! Need for more online communications. This comment seems to come 2 1/2 years after the previous one…

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