Apr 132013

Members of the NHS Hack Day community including organisations such as OpenGPSoC  and HANDI as well as many individual contributors, are conducting a survey of the ease of organisational WiFi access at their place of work for NHS Staff.

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Increasingly, NHS staff are seeking to improve the care they provide by making reference to knowledge sources based on the Internet using their own smartphones and other devices. Unfortunately, it is apparent that in many work settings, WiFi access for staff is not straightforward and in many cases is not available. NHS organisations do generally provide PC terminals which have Internet Access, however this is often insufficient for accessing knowledge or resources at the point of care.

In order to take this WiFi issue forward, it is necessary to first gather data on the current level of WiFi provision. We would appreciate your help in collecting data about the ease of WiFi access in your place of NHS work. Most importantly, if you are completing this survey, please also distribute it to your work colleagues so we can maximise the number and spread of responses.

Our non-profit organisations believe in openness, transparency and trust. No personally identifiable data will be collected or shared about your responses. There is a section at the end for any comments you wish to make to the survey team, or for wider distribution (only with your permission). Results of this survey will be available from the websites of the organisations listed in the and will also be widely distributed. infrastructure

Note: efforts are being made separately for universal, free, WiFi access for Patients in the NHS and we wholeheartedly support this work. (see link ) However, for our current needs we would like to aim this survey purely at NHS STAFF ONLY.

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