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HANDI came in to existence in March 2012, and we have achieved what we have to date with the help of a core team who have given their time and some modest resources in cash and kind, and from a small number of sponsors.To continue the work we do and to move to the next stage we can’t rely totally on voluntary effort and need to raise funds - and for a significant part of this we need to rely on sponsorship donations.We believe that HANDI is doing valuable work and has already been able to offer practical help to a number of app developers and is creating a more fertile environment for app developers through our lobbying work with the NHS and Government. If our work is of value to you and you want to see it continue and grow we need your support.

HANDI's membership is growing, we have over 1,000 followers on Twitter and five regional clusters up and running with five more in the planning stage. We welcome donations and sponsorship at any level, but in particular are seeking corporate sponsors willing to commit between £1,000 and £10,000. As a sponsor your support will be acknowledged by HANDI on its web site, raising your profile with members of our community. Sponsors will get:-

  • Preferential access to our community and first option on future partnership opportunities.
  • Offered first pick and discounts on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at HANDI events.
  • Sponsors offering £1,000 or more, we include your logo and a link on the rolling banner on the HANDI web site for a minimum of 12-months.
  • Sponsors who are paid-up Corporate Members of HANDI, who also sponsor us - we can provide a logo for you to use on your own website / material, indicating that you are a member of HANDI.

We offer further opportunities tailored to your specific needs and the level of sponsorship you are able to commit. We also plan to run a special briefing sessions open only to sponsors to help you ensure that you are aware of developments and can identify the risks and opportunities in the fast changing area. Your support will contribute towards the resources that we need to carry forward our next plan of work in a number of areas:

  • To develop a rich web platform to support our community. We have already started to build this using volunteer resources and donated server capacity, but we need to buy-in additional resource so we can do this more quickly
  • Supporting local clusters – we need funding to support new clusters and put an ongoing programme of activities in place to get us to the point where we can make local clusters self-funding
  • Lobbying with industry and Government to ensure that the technical and cultural environment is created in which apps can flourish, interoperate and be orchestrated together. We are able to tap in to specialist expertise on a pro-bono basis, but we need to be able to buy in some resource to pull this material together to build and promote a compelling case.
  • Developing guidance for app developers in a number of areas including business models and finance, app accreditation and quality assurance and interoperability and orchestration
  • Development of HANDI Consultants and Mentors

The HANDI “app paradigm” promises to deliver tools to support the transformation of health and care much more quickly and cheaply than traditional methods and as we are already observing provides an approach with which it is much easier to engage front line practitioners (we know such engagement is key to success). This new approach creates opportunities for investors and both existing players in the health IT market and new entrants who understand the potential of this new approach. If you want to know more contact Jill Riley jill@handihealth.org or Ewan Davis ewan@handihealth.org telephone: 0207 148 7170 To sponsor us please click the button below - thank you