The following people spoke at HANDI Health Apps 5/6 Nov 2013 at NEC Birmingham - Presentations from the event are currently being added below, audio will appear in due course.

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Sarah Amani

Sarah Amani

Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Trust

Sarah is a mental health nurse with 9 years’ experience working with people with a lived experience of mental illness and their families. She currently manages an Early Intervention in Psychosis Team and leads the Youth Mental Health Network for the South of England (East). Sarah and her team worked with young people to develop the ‘My Journey’ youth mental health app (www.sabp.nhs.uk/eiip/app ). The app is freely downloadable from the Google Play store.

"My Journey’ Youth Mental Health App: Co-Developing a Mental Health App with Young People Accessing Early Intervention in Psychosis Services"

Sarah will be sharing her experience of co-designing a mobile health app with young people with a lived experience of mental ill health. The session will give a brief background on mental health, prevalence and evidence on effective approaches to health improvement. The session will focus on asset based ways of working, looking at the importance of collaborating with end users in designing and developing assistive technologies such as health apps. Delegates will also be able to view short videos of young people commenting on their involvement in the project.

Dr Maureen Baker CBE

Maureen Baker

Clinical Director for Patient Safety - Health and Social Care Information Centre

Chair Elect, Royal College of General Practitioners

Dr. Maureen Baker js currently Clinical Director for Patient Safety at the Health and Social Care Information Centre.  She has previously held appointments with the National Patient Safety Agency, NHS Direct, NHS Connecting for Health and the University of Nottingham. Maureen was Honorary Secretary of the Royal College of General Practitioners from 1999-2009. Her work in patient safety includes establishing a formal clinical safety management system for NHS CfH; the development of safety standards for Health IT for the NHS in England; and the development of e-learning modules on patient safety for doctors in training.

She assumes office as Chair of Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners on 16 November 2013.

"Safety Assurance of Mobile Health Apps"

The development for Mobile Health Apps on Androids, iPads and tablets is increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, the NHS has introduced an ‘Online Tool Directory’ (App library)  to help users find the best App for their condition or health need.  This session will describe the processes taken by the HSCIC Safety Team in reviewing each App and it’s compliance with ‘ISB0129: its Application in the Manufacture of Health IT System’

Richard Brady


Surgical SpR Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Richard is an NHS surgical registrar, researcher and owner of tech start-up www.researchactive.com Ltd.  His academic works focus on quality of app content and impact on patient safety. Richard is an app developer and previous projects include a patient bariatric surgery information apps, medical conference apps and medical practice websites and management of medical twitterfeeds.

"mHealth and Apps -  Addressing Inequity, Inaccuracy and Lack of Authority"

Medical apps provide exciting potential opportunity to monitor, deliver care and provide contact within health stakeholders. However, recent advances have increasingly recognized areas of concern such as inequity of provision, inaccuracy of content, absence of source data, lack of transparency in authorship, commercial interests and bias, data security and malware. An overview of these areas will be undertaken, using contemporary literature and studies with comment on current integration of clinical apps in UK patient care.

Julie Bretland

Julie Bretland

Director - Our Mobile Health

Julie has 18 years experience in telecoms and mobile technology before becoming an entrepreneur. After working for Ericsson and Vodafone, she joined a UK-based start up which she helped to grow and to be voted 2nd fastest growing mobile Internet Company in Europe in 2008. She is studying for an MBA at London Business School, where she has been awarded the prestigious Celia Atkin Avent scholarship.

"The Role of Specialist Application Stores"

Julie will describe the role of Specialist application stores in Health Care and how these can help meet the needs of users, health care organisations and application providers

Anne Cooper


National Clinical Lead for Nursing - Health and Social care Information Centre

Anne is a nurse with a passion for how emerging technology can support nurses to give high quality harm free care. Her passion for informatics started when she worked at NHS Direct; she learnt that providing high quality products that meet the needs of the users, with great usability was the key to adoption of technology in clinical practice.

Anne spent a number of years working on national programmes in NHS Connecting for Health before moving back to a more professionally focussed leadership role in NHS England, working with both the Medical and Nursing Directorates.

Anne can be found on Twitter @anniecoops and has a blog www.anniecoops.com

 "How to involve nurses in system design"

Katherine Cormack


Stakeholder Engagement Co-Ordinator NHS London

Kat Cormack is the Stakeholder Engagement Co-ordinator for NHS England (London Region) as well as a mental health service user. Kat led on the WellHappy app project between the NHS, YoungMinds and LivingWell  and has over a decade of e-mental health experience.

"Making London WellHappy: developing an app from a service user’s point of view"

The WellHappy app for young people is the result of an innovative collaboration between the NHS, YoungMinds and LivingWell CIC. It helps young people find wellbeing services including mental health, sexual health and substance misuse services in London as well as providing accurate information and advice. Here project manager Kat Cormack talks about her experience of creating and launching the app and her aims for the project.

Ewan Davis


Director and Co-Founder HANDI Health CIC, Director Woodcote Consulting

Ewan Davis is one of the Founders of HANDI Health. He has worked in health care IT since 1981. As well as his unpaid work for HANDI he is also a Director of Woodcote Consulting www.woodcote-consulting.com.

Ewan was the founder of GP System supplier AAH Meditel and is a past Chair of both the BCS Primary Healthcare Group and the Intellect Healthcare Group (the industry trade association) and currently sits on the Intellect Healthcare Council.

"Beyond the Hype - Delivering the promise of Digital Tools for Health and Care"

Lightweight digital tools and apps have the potential to transform the way we deliver health and care and create economic opportunities for commercial and social entrepreneurs.

However, delivering this promise requires that we create a digital health ecosystem which will provide the technical infrastructure and supporting governance arrangements to allow apps to interoperate and be orchestrated to work together, tools to enable users to find safe and appropriate apps and support for new business models to create sustainable opportunities for developers.

Creating such an ecosystem requires cultural change and that we embrace new ways of working as well addressing some significant technical challenges.

Ewan will describe what he thinks we have to do to turn the hype in to reality and what already exists to help us do this.

Jim Dawton


Lead Specialist-Design - Technology Strategy Board

As one of the UK’s leading design consultants in the healthcare sector, Jim Dawton is currently consulting with the government’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board. Until recently he headed up the London office of the global design group Designit, and will shortly be joining a major consulting firm focusing on the strategic use of design in business.

"The role of design in app development"

Of course you design an app, what else would you do?  Well, of course, the beauty with apps is you can test you market quickly and cheaply – agile, lean start-up…you know? In fact, the reason you’re doing an app is that it’s cost-effective – cheap. So, rather than spend some money on design, you can use the templates – it’s all standard stuff, isn’t it? Get to market fast – launch. If people like it, ka-ching! If not, we can change it, can’t we? It’s easy, isn’t it? Who needs a designer?

Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke_headshot_tight

Director and Co-Founder HANDI Health CIC, Director Tactix4

"Selfish or selfless; sorts of software for social systems... "

Continuing his series of provocative and disruptive anti-presentations, Rob will be talking approaches to developing, distributing and deploying software solutions in social systems. If you think this will be an extended rant on the virtues of opensource, think again. Drawing on Mauss, Dawkins, Benkler and others Rob will discuss how NHS organisations and software developers/vendors can each have cake and eat it. There is no reading list for his presentation, however homework will be given.

Scott Hague

Integrated Change

Managing Director Integrated Change

I am owner and development director of Integrated Change, a specialist mobile development agency. Over the last 4 years, I’ve had experience in developing and deploying nearly 60 apps for a broad range of clients, both on and off the app store and over the past few years for the healthcare industry

"From testing to distribution – getting your app out and noticed. The pitfalls and available channels"

So you have developed an app? That’s great. Now what? Whether your app is consumer facing or employee facing, you will need to devote time into this crucial stage of the process. Technology is a powerful problem solving tool but it needs marketing and metrics to backup.

This session will provide you with an insight into the leap from testing and sign-off to app distribution, the tools available and the strategies to help your mobile app succeed.

Rowan Pritchard-Jones


Consultant Plastic Surgeon at St. Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust

Rowan is a Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon and University Academic. In addition to his clinical workload, Rowan works closely with the health informatics in St Helen's & Knowsley NHS Trust to give clinical oversight to existing projects and the development of new initiatives.

He lead the team to develop Mersey Burns App, designed to guide the care of burns patients presenting to Emergency Medicine Departments. The App won Excellence in Mobile Healthcare at recent EHI Awards, and was named overall winner for 2013.

<iframe src="http://prezi.com/embed/6xfp_gfiw4fg/?bgcolor=ffffff&amp;lock_to_path=0&amp;autoplay=0&amp;autohide_ctrls=0&amp;features=undefined&amp;disabled_features=undefined" width="550" height="400" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

"Mersey Burns"

Mersey Burns is a clinician lead app developed to guide the emergency management of a major burn injury. It is the first UK healthcare app registered with MHRA and carrying the CE mark. This session describes the development of the app, the collaborations with the NHS to secure viability, interaction with MHRA to ensure conformity and the assessment of the product to confirm clinical reliability.

Mairi Johnson

Mairi Johnson_HBX

Executive Director HealthBox Europe

Mairi Johnson has a diverse background spanning entrepreneurial ventures, finance and technology in the healthcare, media and banking industries. Her passion for early-stage technology is evident. Her experiences have included founding start-ups, helping new ventures grow, assisting large public technology companies with financing and advising funds on software investing strategies.

"Trends in digital health from both sides of the Atlantic"

Healthbox is a platform to stimulate early-stage innovation, enabling entrepreneurial success while creating a collaborative ecosystem across the industry to build positive change in healthcare.

Through our programmes across the US and UK and by collaborating with entrepreneurs and industry, we have identified themes and areas of focus for innovative solutions. These new ways of working are creating sustainable solutions that address systemic challenges facing the industry. Mairi, will share some of these experiences and try and draw some lessons for the app community.

Dr Joel Ratnasothy

Joel Ratnasothy_Medical Director EMEA Caradigm

Medical Director EMEA Caradigm UK

Joel is Caradigm’s Medical Director for EMEA.  He has worked and studied in the health sector for 17 years gaining experience working for both the NHS and its suppliers. Joel trained as a surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals and holds a Medical Doctorate from Imperial College in medical education.

"Make your app ‘enterprise ready’"

Innovative mobile apps for healthcare are making great strides, yet face a barrier in adoption by Trusts. How do you take an app from just the physician’s smartphone and make it part of the Trust’s secure IT infrastructure? How do you take advantage of the Trust’s clinical data to power your app and get it in the hands of more users? Find out how Caradigm can enable your app.

Inderjit Singh

Head of Enterprise Architecture - NHS England

Indi NHS picture

Inderjit Singh spent 7 years with a global management consultancy delivering technology innovation across financial services, telecoms and retail sectors and the last 8 years in Healthcare firstly as a supplier and now as part of the NHS . Within the NHS, he has lead a portfolio of strategic informatics programmes including Health Apps strategy for patients and public, as well as leading on the Interoperability programme that underpins the “connect-all” approach to enable local teams to join up of care at a local level. He is now the Head of Enterprise Architecture at NHS England with key focus on integrated records, enabling patient facing digital services and technology strategy

"Health Apps Strategy – NHS England"

Inderjit Singh will describe NHS England’s strategy for both patient facing and clinician facing apps, their plans to ensure APIs are available to enable apps to consume NHS information and interoperate with other systems and services and NHS England’s plans to link work in England with work in the USA.

Rob Tweed

Rob Tweed

M/Gateway Developments Ltd

Rob started his IT career at the Royal Marsden Hospital, before joining the Healthcare IT practice of Touche Ross Management Consultants where he became a lead consultant in the NHS-wide Networking Project.  He was an early pioneer in applying World Wide Web technologies to healthcare, and, since 1994, has become a leading expert in this field. Most of his recent work has been focused on the Open Source VistA community in the USA.

"Advances in JavaScript and Browsers and their impact on Healthcare IT"

The web browser has become the ubiquitous client for applications. In the rapidly evolving world of IT, no area is advancing more quickly than in the capabilities of web browsers and their associated programming language: JavaScript.

During the presentation, Rob will demonstrate some applications, prototypes and proofs-of-concept that are pushing the boundaries of what is now capable in a healthcare setting. If you thought you knew what your humble web browser was capable of doing, prepare to be amazed.

Prof Jeremy Wyatt

Studio pic of JW April 2010

Leadership Professor of eHealth Research, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds

After directing the Warwick Institute for Digital Healthcare 2010-12, Dr Wyatt was appointed Leadership chair in eHealth Research in Leeds and Adviser on new information technologies to the Royal College of Physicians. He also is a member of the mHealth Technical Advisory Group to the WHO Director General.

Jeremy has written three textbooks on eHealth and in his spare time makes jewellery and commemorative objects in titanium and precious metals. He trained as a hospital physician in Oxford, London & Glasgow and then in medical informatics in Stanford and London universities. He helped found the Cochrane Collaboration in 1992 and set up Cochrane’s Effective Practice & Organisation of Care review group in 1994. His research explores how to design and evaluate complex interventions such as technologies for disseminating evidence (eg. decision support), supporting self-care (eg. telehealth,) and preventing long term conditions (eg. Apps).

"How can we measure and improve the quality of health promotion & lifestyle Apps?"

Apps are widely used to improve lifestyle and health-related behaviour. However, several have been withdrawn (eg. Acne Cure), revealed as evidence-light (eg. smoking cessation Apps) or inaccurate (eg. melanoma Apps). App users, those working in public health, clinicians, regulators and App developers are keen to assess and improve App quality. We will explore several options, including:

  • User / medical reviews of Apps
  • Formal regulation of medical Apps
  • Our 23-item quality checklist to encourage more rigorous evaluation of Apps

This session will prompt vigorous discussion about the regulation-innovation trade-off, freedom of speech versus public safety, truth in labelling and why the public download Apps that are at best content free, while some even cause harm.

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