Please Support Us


HANDI has now been running for over two years and we believe with have established ourselves as an organisation of value to our community. With the voluntary effort of a small group of individuals and a small amount of sponsorship (less than £10k); we have built a membership of over 1,500 people with six local groups across the UK.

New Membership Levels Introduced – upgrade NOW

HANDI relies on the support of members and if you are currently a free Member and want to see HANDI continue building on its work and services then please UPGRADE to one of our classes of paid membership.  As well as allowing you to show your support, paid membership brings additional benefits.

Benefits of Paid Membership Levels

In addition to the ordinary free membership benefits, ‘Supporting’ membership includes:

  • Discounted or free to attend HANDI events
  • Able to post to discussion forum
  • Participation in regional groups
  • Join HANDI Consultants panel (if suitably qualified)
  • Be nominated to HANDI Executive

In addition, we are offering two grades of corporate membership and further information about this is detailed below.

Discounted or Free to Attend HANDI Events - To date all HANDI events have been free to attend, and while we will continue to run some free events, in general we will introduce charges for non-members and those with free ‘ordinary’ level membership.

Where possible, events for paid-up members will be free to attend or at a reduced cost - including our upcoming Spring Symposium on 14th May at the Royal College of General Practitioners, London.

Discussion Forum - Similarly, to date we have been generous in terms of access to our network, both to enable people to disseminate and gather information, and in relation to free advice. We intend to use membership revenue to enhance our ability to do these things, which in future will be restricted to paid-up members only with enhanced services for those who take corporate grades of membership.

Corporate Members / Sponsors

We offer two grades of corporate membership. These are available on equal terms to all corporate bodies; commercial, public sector or not-for-profit depending on size. We may consider granting free corporate membership to third-sector not-for-profit organisations who can offer reciprocal arrangements to HANDI.

Corporate members will gain priority access to marketing opportunities and reduced rates for exhibition space at HANDI events. Employees and officers of corporate members will enjoy the same access to events and services as paid up individual members. Access to free advice and the HANDI network for corporate purposes will be restricted to corporate members.

We also plan to establish a network of HANDI Mentors and HANDI Consultants

Mentors will be volunteers willing to offer free mentorship to individual ‘supporting’ or ‘corporate’ members, while HANDI Consultants will be available to deliver paid for consultancy to those requiring more substantial support.  HANDI are able to identify and manage qualified individuals or teams to deliver consultancy projects large and small under the HANDI brand, working on a revenue sharing basis with those delivering the services. HANDI has many skilled members who we hope will offer their services through us both as volunteer mentors and paid consultants. Access to these services will be restricted to paid-up members.

Those wishing to offer their services as HANDI Consultants will need to take corporate membership.

Other Opportunities

We also offer other opportunities for those wishing to offer sponsorship at amounts above our corporate membership rates, if you want to know more please contact us.

Thank you for your support to date, and please do consider UPGRADING to one of our classes of paid membership.


Many thanks.