Our Vision


HANDI seeks to facilitate the creation of a world where openness, collaboration and the transformational power of digital technology improves the health and well-being of people and helps health and care and care professionals deliver high quality compassionate care.

HANDI wants to be open and inclusive agent for disruption, collaboration and competition  by providing support, guidance and networking opportunities for those who share our vision

HANDI’s vision is that, in the future, every citizen should have access to a set of digital tools and services that support every aspect of their health, care and wellbeing, and that of those they care for (either as a health and care professional or as a family or informal carer.) In addition, these tools will allow for the collection, and analysis of data to enhance our knowledge of health and wellbeing and help us plan, deliver and evaluate continuously improving services.

By harnessing the power of digital technology we have an opportunity not only to address the challenges of an aging population and the increasing demand for affordable care but we will also ensure the better health of future generations and create economic opportunities for the UK.

HANDI seeks to create engagement between Citizens, health and care professionals, developers, industry, academia and Government to harness digital technology to deliver “Health and Wealth”

The journey towards this vision is challenging and never ending, but each step we take delivers benefit. HANDI is committed to the vision and the journey and determined to harness the power of our community to accelerate and sustain it. Previous attempts to transform health and care using IT have made slow and disappointing progress and it is increasingly recognised this has been the result of a failure to meaningful engage clinicians, frontline staff and citizens in the design of systems to ensure they are focussed on making it easier for health and care professional deliver care and enabling the easy and active participation of citizens in their care and that of their loved ones.

HANDI seeks to be and independent and agnostic voice. We strive not to compete with those in our community, but rather to make them aware of the possibilities and support their ambitions, which may support our vision, whatever they may be.

Delivering this vision requires the evolution of existing IT systems towards an Open Digital Health and Care Ecosystem supporting the interoperability and orchestration of traditional IT systems with a new generation of agile, lightweight digital tools and apps that together can help us redesign care pathways and processes to take full advantage of the rapidly developing digital and Internet technologies.

HANDI wants to create a community to drive the creation of Open Digital Health and Care Ecosystem.  That enables the community to deliver those things that matter most to frontline staff and citizens

Engaging users, particularly citizens, in the design and use of digital tools and services requires that we focus our efforts on those things that matter most to citizens, frontline staff,  patients and service users i.e. the delivery of safe, convenient and compassionate, high quality care. We want to encourage the development and deployment of solutions which allow frontline staff to deliver excellent care and service while the technology deals with the technical and administrative details in the background, freeing up staff to focus on the human aspect of caring.

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