Our Team


HANDI was the idea of Louise Wilson a Health Informatician working for the NHS in Newcastle who approached Ewan Davis who agreed to work with Louise to create HANDI.  Although no longer a Director, Louise still takes an active interest in HANDI.

Directors of HANDIhealth CIC are supported by a Board of Governors who are responsible for setting and implementing HANDI's Strategy.


Ewan Davis - Director Woodcote Consulting
Ewan has worked in health care IT since 1981. As well as his work for HANDI he is also a Director of Woodcote Consulting.

Ewan Davis has worked in digital health and care since 1981 in both the vendor and customer communites. Has twice been chair of the industry trade association, chair of the BCS Primary Health Care Group and is the founder of the not for profit HANDI set up to support health and care app developers. He now works as an independent consultant with clients including NHS England Code4Health, the Apperta Foundation and a number of local health and social care organisations.

For more see: Ewan’s Blog, Website,  Twitter, LinkedIn

Dr Ian McNicoll - Former GP and Independent Consultant freshEHR Clinical Informatics Ltd
Ian is a former Scottish GP and has been involved in healthcare informatics for nearly 30 years, working with and promoting openEHR technologies for the last 8 years, latterly as an independent consultant with freshEHR Clinical Informatics Ltd.

He is also Co-chair of the openEHR Foundation, a member of the NHS Scotland SCIMP group and an Honorary Senior Research Associate at CHIME, UCL, UK.

His current focus is on the promotion of the open NHS England Code4Health Platform ecosystem, with openEHR at its core, and the development of a related Development Platform, adopted by NHS England as a key part of their Code4Health initiative

For more see: Ian's Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn

Dr Alison Longwill - Independent Mental Health Consultant, Managing Director and Clinical Psychologist Woodcote Consulting
Alison has worked with a variety of customers including central and local government, NHS organisations and commercial enterprises.

Particular areas of expertise: Healthcare Strategy / Healthcare Informatics / Conference Services / Mental Health / Psycholegal Services / Drug and Substance Misuse /

In these fields Alison can help with: Business and Service Reviews / Business and Strategic Planning / Service Development and Re-design / Project Management / Research and Evaluation / Organisational Development

Specialties: Mental Health / Psychological therapies / Psycholegal services / Business Planning / Service review and development.

For more see: Alison's Website, LinkedIN

Jill Riley - Independent Admin and Business Support
Jill has worked within a health informatics environment for over 25-years and for the last 3-years has worked on a self-employed basis offering admin and business support.

An experienced administrator with a wide-range of skills that help clients free up valuable time and achieve organisational goals.

Jill currently works for a number of people whose organisations work within open e-health, digital / m-health and care, openEHR, independent professional advice and information providers.

Most recently involved in work connected with the launch of DigitalHealth.London.

For more see: Jill's Website, Twitter, LinkedIn

Board of Governors

Sarah Amani
Over ten years experience of leading and managing wide-ranging programmes of mental health service transformation and change, with a focus on evidencing better outcomes for patients, providers, commissionesr and the wider health economy. Track record of delivering tangible benefits despite the challenge and need to balance competing priorities between reducing investment and increasing demand.

I am currently working as Senior Programme Manager for the introduction of the new Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) access and waiting time standards across the South of England.

Dr Marcus Baw
Marcus Baw is a freelance/locum GP with pre-GP experience in Secondary care as an Anaesthetist/Intensivist and Emergency Physician. He is a founder of OpenHealthHub (formerly OpenGPSoC) and Leigh Hackspace. His main role is as a freelance Health IT / Digital Health / Health Informatics specialist. His experience covers a wide range of Health Informatics and Health IT areas, ranging from Terminologies, Data Modelling, User interface, Interoperability, through to Agile, BDD and TDD, UX and UI design, and Understanding Doctors. He is a Rubyist with experience in Rails and Discourse.

Prof. John Fox
Professor of Engineering Science and Cognitive Systems, Oxford University.  An interdisciplinary scientist working on reasoning, decision-making, planning and autonomous cognitive agents, and applying the results to engineering advanced AI technologies and design of artificial general intelligence.

Medicine is a particular focus of John’s expertise; a challenging domain in which to understand human and artificial thinking.  Synergy between basic research and practical application development is key to achieving sound theoretical foundations in cognitive science, and safe engineering of critical applications.

John is also an experienced freelance consultant in AI, knowledge engineering and medical informatics.

Wai Keong Wong
Consultant Haematologist at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Medical Doctor in Internal Medicine with an PhD in Immunology currently specialising in Haematology in London.

Particular interest in improving the quality of patient care and experience via better healthcare processes and Information Technology.

Dr Nick Booth
Independent Health Informatics Consultant and Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University Business School

Health informatics with a principal interest in Professional Record Standards in Health and Social Care, and their use in federable regional inter-organisational information networks.

  • Member of the Professional Records Standards Body advisory board
  • Previously a General Practitioner in Northumberland UK
  • Health Terminologist
  • Health Informatics Practitioner with a special interest in Semantic Interoperability
  • Member of national and international medical, political, and standards organisations involved in Health IT
  • International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (SNOMED CT): previously member of Content Standing Committee and current Chair of GP/FP Special Interest Group

Specialties: Health Terminology expert (SNOMED-CT, ICPC, WHO Family of International Classifications), European and International standards (CEN, ISO, HL7, IHTSDO, Open Health Tools), Overview of Large Scale Clinical Record systems and services,  Sociotechnical Health Informatics.

Samantha Meikle
Founder at Spark the difference. Passionate about ensuring that people are at the heart of, and truly involved in, all uses of information in systems and technology.

After ten years of delivering large scale IT and change management programmes, Sam is focused on the involvement of patients and the public, alongside service professionals, in understanding, developing and using information and technology to revolutionise care.

Specialities: Relationship management, change management, creating environments for innovation to thrive, delivery of people-centred technology and information solutions.

David Newton
Director at Newton Digital, and currently Senior Project Manager at Oxford University for a national mental health research programme. Passionate about building and implementing digital technologies that can develop data driven healthcare services and empower citizens to have an active role in their health.

Following nine years of experience in clinical, academic and senior management roles in the NHS and Academia, David is focused on enhancing NHS and public services through the use of technology. With experience of managing a number of far reaching and influential technology programmes, David has developed particular skills and interest in project management, implementation science, evaluation models for health technologies, and (most recently) governance frameworks that can support the flow of data for patient care, research and (digital) patient services.