Open Source Software Survey


Dear Member,

HANDI have agreed to foward the request below to members. As we share the author's interest in better understanding the role of Open Source Software in the NHS

The role of open source software is being discussed and promoted more and more in the NHS, most recently in chapter 6 of "Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards" published on 1st July.

This may follow from the intrinsic benefits of Open Source solutions, or may be a reaction to numerous previous NHS procurements where our inability to access data or source code resulted in very expensive modifications to closed source solutions (eg. various SUS reporting functionalities) or the creation of entire systems (eg. GPES) which could have been avoided.

However, despite the apparent advantages to the NHS of open source solutions in certain situations, we are unclear about the main barriers to their selection and adoption by NHS informatics professionals and their advisers.

This survey has therefore been developed as part of a Leeds university Masters dissertation, to help the NHS and health informatics professionals understand how decisions about selecting IT solutions for the NHS are made. The results of this survey will identify the benefits and drawbacks - real and perceived - of open source solutions for the NHS. Our results will be shared widely, improving our ability to ensure that value-for-money solutions are appropriately represented and evaluated during system procurements across the NHS.

We would encourage you to contribute your views and experience to this important activity, to ensure that you influence future NHS guidance about system procurement.

Thank you for your contribution, which will of course be anonymous. The survey will be open until 2 August. Please complete it only once.

John Pyle LlB (Hons) MSc student
Prof Jeremy Wyatt DM FRCP ACMI Fellow Leadership chair in eHealth Research