Introducing HANDI Open Platform Demonstrator HANDI-HOPD


HANDI-HOPD was developed as an online Open Platform Demonstrator that enables people to explore and learn how to  create software ‘apps’, using proven open standards and test them within a realistic simulation of the broader  digital health environment. HANDI-HOPD was our attempt to explain to users and commissioners how an open digital health ecosystem can be created and the benefits it would bring.

HANDI-HOPD has since been adopted by NHS England to provide a platform for their Code4Health platform and has been redeveloped by HANDI with support from NHS England and is now available at

HANDI is now focussing this part of its work through Code4Health and the Apperta Foundation However, the software being developed and deployed by HANDI on behalf of NHS England is and will be released as open source and available to others.


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