Jul 182013

HANDI were delighted that two of our founders were nominated for this prestigious award, but conflicted because we could not possibly have campaigned for one over the other. Rob Dyke was disappointed not to make it on the Health Service Journal’s list of the 50 most inspirational women in healthcare as the other HANDI candidate for IT Champion Sarah Amani did (he’d agree to dress as required) but he is the one to have been shortlisted for IT Champion so congratulation to Sarah for gaining well deserved recognition as one of the most inspirational women in healthcare and we can now say without fear or favour “Vote for Rob for IT Champion”

It would be great to have one of HANDI’s founders win this award so we urge you all to vote for him in the final round. There are some other worthy candidates but Rob stands out, as while the others are being recognised for doing the paid day job well, Rob’s contribution primarily to HANDI,  and NHS Hack Day has not just been unpaid but supported further out of his own pocket.

Voting is open now and closes at 16.00 next Friday the 26th July