HANDI Spring Symposium – Streams and panelists


Finance, business models and start-ups

This stream with be of interest to both social and commercial entrepreneurs looking for a route to market for their product or service, advice on business models and raising funding and support that might be available - Panellist include

Alan Kennedy - Innovation, IP and Commercialisation Consultant


Alan has a wide range of experience in R&D, project management, intellectual property and innovation. In his current role, he works with staff from all walks of life in the NHS to bring their ideas to reality.

Francis White - Francis White - EU General Manager at AliveCor Ltd

Francis White

A varied background in the Medical Device Industry, selling, Marketing and Leadership of the world's largest MedTech company's UK business didn't fully prepare Francis for his move into Smartphone based innovation. Creating the marketplace, partnerships and business models for a disruptive technology with AliveCor has certainly given the grey-cells a good workout and continues to do so

Yashu Reddy - Director at Healthbox Europe

Yashu Reddy

Yashu is a Director for the Healthbox Europe programme and was a founding member of the team that launched the first Healthbox programme in Chicago. Yashu has an international business development and account management background. Prior to joining Healthbox, she was Manager of International Business Development for Sg2, a private healthcare analytics and consulting firm based in London. Yashu worked with healthcare providers and industry clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Australia. Her background also includes experience teaching English in Tokyo.

Yashu has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin.

Informatics standards and interoperability

Come and discuss how you can use available standards and tools to support the interoperability and orchestration of you apps. Come and discuss how standards like SNOMED, CEN13606, HL7, SMART, OpenEHR, FIHR and OpenClinical might fit together and how professional record standards and the work of the medical Royal Colleges through the Professional Records Standard Development Board and initiatives like IHE might help us achieve a digital health ecosystem. Panellists include:

Tim Benson –  Director of Abies


Tim is author of "Principles of Health Interoperability HL7 and SNOMED", Springer 2012. He was convenor of the European standards committee for health interoperability for 7 years. He led the development of pathology, discharge and referral messages. In addition he is active in monitoring patient outcomes (howRU) and experience (howRwe) and patient-controlled consent. He is a Fellow of the BCS.

Nick Booth – Clinical Director, Information Standards Delivery at The Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Ian McNicoll – Director of FreshEHR

Ian McNicholl

Ian is a Director of HANDI, a Trustee of the OpenEHR Foundation, former GP and expert on  Clinical information modelling and Health informatics

User centred design UI, UX and information design

This steam will be of interest to those who want to build functional and desirable apps and involve end user patients an public in the design of the products and services. Come and discuss what makes a good user interface (UI) and how to deliver a great user experience.(UX). – Panellist include:

David Newey - Operations Director at CIS Healthcare

Corporate Dave

With a strong background in software development and project management, David has been designing and delivering IT solutions to secondary acute healthcare settings both domestically and internationally over the past eleven years.

Since 2008, David has been spent his time directing the operations team for an international healthcare software company and most recently has actively led the redesign and replatforming of a market leading oncology prescribing software package. Using user centred design principals, David has been instrumental in the design of a 15 year old application from its 32 bit thick client roots to a multi-tiered browser based application designed specifically for use with tablet computing.

Kristina Curtis – Institute of Digital healthcare, WMG, The University of Warwick

Kristina Curtis

After a number of years working in digital marketing, Kristina returned to studies and completed an MSc in health psychology with distinction before embarking on a PhD in behaviour change and mobile technology at the Institute of Digital healthcare. During her doctorate Kristina has been developing a healthy eating app targeting parents of overweight children for local public health services. She has also been involved with the development of quality criteria for health behaviour change apps since 2011.

Conrad Taylor - Independent Media Production designer and artisan


Conrad Taylor is a typographer and designer whose engagement with computing started in 1985 with ‘desktop publishing’ and electronic arts, followed by Internet publishing. More recently he has branched out into multimedia production, and he studies information management. For many years he has been active in the Information Design Association.

Tech and tools for app developers

This is the stream for developers who what to know more about the latest technology and tools to create apps. Come and discuss the latest developments in browser technology that allows you to do things in the browser that previously required native apps and low level programming. Learn about tools that can help you rapidly prototype and test your idea and then turn it in to a production quality app. Panellist include:

Dave Fletcher - Founder, White October - Lean web & mobile development


Dave is founder and MD of digital agency White October, based in Oxford. Having started his career as a developer, he now manages the agency, advising clients on digital product development. He is actively involved in the development of multiple digital healthcare products.

Daniel Rosewarne - CTO at Journl

Rob Tweed -  M/Gateway Developments Ltd and  Node.js and JavaScript evangelist

Rob Tweed

Rob started his IT career at the Royal Marsden Hospital, before joining the Healthcare IT practice of Touche Ross Management Consultants where he became a lead consultant in the NHS-wide Networking Project.  He was an early pioneer in applying World Wide Web technologies to healthcare, and, since 1994, has become a leading expert in this field. Most of his recent work has been focused on the Open Source VistA community in the USA.

Dave Kilroy

Dave Kilroy

Dave Kilroy runs Application Insight Ltd, a tiny software company in Plymouth.

Specialising in LiveCode (www.livecode.com), Dave creates apps for iOS/Android devices, for Windows and Mac desktops, and for servers.

Dave started out as a cabinetmaker, he is still making things only now out of electrons instead of wood.

Digital mental health and wellbeing

Learn about how digital tools can support people with mental health problems and how digital technology can promote psychological wellbeing and address psychological factors in long-term conditions. Ask questions of experts’ those who have built successful apps and services and those with lived experience. Also hear about HANDI’s exciting plans to support the use of digital tools in mental health. Panellists include:

Alison Longwill – Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of HANDI


Alison Longwill is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with substantial clinical and forensic experience. She holds a PhD which examined psychological factors in diabetes, an MBA and Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology. Alison has substantial NHS management experience including Board level experience in a large mental health trust. She founded Woodcote Consulting in 1996 and has delivered a wide range of projects for NHS, criminal justice and third sector organisations and has a successful psycho-legal practice. Alison is a Director of HANDI and leads its work on mental health and wellbeing.

Tim Taylor - Director ThinkShield Ltd

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor MD of ThinkShield an integration and mobile application development solutions provider to the NHS. Tim began working in IT in 1985 while in the oil and gas industry, moving into healthcare in 2000 where he began investigating ways to improve the delivery of patient information using digital technology.

Sarah Amani - Chief Clinical Information Officer at Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Amani

Sarah is a mental health nurse with 9 years’ experience working with people with a lived experience of mental illness and their families. She currently manages an Early Intervention in Psychosis Team and leads the Youth Mental Health Network for the South of England (East). Sarah and her team worked with young people to develop the ‘My Journey’ youth mental health app.

Mark Brown - Founder One in Four Magazine / Director Social Spider CIC

Photo courtesy Mike Clark

Photo courtesy Mike Clark

Mark Brown is development director of Social Spider CIC. He specialises in projects that bring new perspectives and approaches to mental health and the intersection between social innovation and mental health. Mark’s experience of mental health difficulties puts him at the forefront of a wave of innovators in mental health who utilise the insight provided by their lived experience.

Mark originated and edits One in Four, a national magazine for people with mental health difficulties, written by people with mental health difficulties.  Mark co-wrote ‘Better Mental Health in a Bigger Society?’ an examination of possible ways fitting the current economic and social climate to deliver better mental health

In a keynote speech to the Richmond Fellowship Asia Pacific Conference on Mental Health 2012 in Perth, Western Australia Mark launched The New Mental Health as a vision of people with mental health difficulties becoming service providers.

Mark is currently part of the team developing Doc Ready, a webapp to help young people prepare for their first visit to a GP about their mental health.

Omar Qureshi - Omar Qureshi Chief Technology Officer  at Buddy App UK


Omar is a developer who's worked in multiple industries over the last decade and is now tackling the challenges that public healthcare presents.

He's currently working on Buddy App as the Chief Technology Officer, looking at the various open source solutions that can be implemented to help rapidly develop rich, cross platform web-based software for therapy.

Open source approaches to digital health

Hear from people who have built successful businesses using open source components or fully open source products. Ask representatives from NHS England about their plans to encourage the use of open source in the NHS. How can you use open source approaches to harness the power of distributed cognition. Panellists include:

Rob Dyke – Founder of Tactix4, Advocate and practitioner of openness in health IT

Rob Dyke_headshot_tight

Rob Dyke – NHS Hacker, open-sorcerer and an advocate-practitioner of all aspects of openness for health/socialcare organisations. Rob is the Managing Director of Tactix4, the company behind open-eObs  - an open source nursing obs/assessment solution, one of the co-founders of HANDI Health, a Board Director of several Community Interest Companies developing open source projects for the NHS and an amateur pickler and pie-baker.

Joseph Dal Molin - President e-cology corporation and Chairman World Vista and advisor to  NHS England


Joseph is an internationally recognized pioneer in open innovation and open source. He is co-founder of WorldVistA and was key to the highly successful startup of OSCAR. His clients include: European Commission, Jordan's Royal Court, UCLA and Harvard Medical Schools, Industry Canada, Hewlett Packard and US government. He is a co-recipient of the 2007 Wired Magazine Rave Award Medicine.

John Pyle – Open Source Consultant to NHS England

John Pyle

John has worked in most roles in IT nationally and internationally, both in public and private sectors. He has become passionate about getting better value from IT spend in the NHS after his experiences working on some of the National programmes in various capacities including service and contract management and procurement. He is currently advising the NHS ENgland Open Source Programme.

Quality assurance, safety and regulation

This stream will be on interest for both those looking to find safe appropriate apps to use or recommend to patients and service users and to developers who what to ensure that they meet and can demonstrate regulatory and market expectations with regard to quality and safety – Panellist include:

Julie Bretland – Founder of curated health and care app store Our Mobile Health

Julie Bretland

Julie Bretland has been developing launching and managing innovative mobile services for nearly 20 years for big corporates such as Ericsson and Vodafone as well as start-ups across Europe and Africa.Julie has an MBA from London Business School, is co-founder of the Digital Health Professionals Network, a founding member of the GSM Associations ‘Connected Women’ programme and a recipient of the Deloitte’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founders Award and a member of the expert panel of the London Mayor’s Health Commission.  She is the founder of Our Mobile Health, set up with the aim of harnessing mobile technology to help us lead healthier lives, by providing a curated application store to promote the best of the best mobile health applications

Valerie Field – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Valarie Fields

Valerie Field is currently the ‘ Head of Imaging, Acute and Community Care unit’ at MHRA.. Having trained as a radiographer in the 1970s Valerie held many roles in the NHS, private health care sector, the former National Care Standards Commission and Health Care Commission before joining MHRA in 2004. She  has recently co-ordinated  the production of the recently issued “Guidance on medical device stand-alone software (including apps)

Valerie Field is currently the ‘ Head of Imaging, Acute and Community Care unit’ at MHRA.. Having trained as a radiographer in the 1970s Valerie held many roles in the NHS, private health care sector, the former National Care Standards Commission and Health Care Commission before joining MHRA in 2004. She  has recently co-ordinated  the production of the recently issued “Guidance on medical device stand-alone software (including apps)

Future Plans - How you can you work with HANDI

HANDI relies on your support for our existence and seeks to give you a platform to achieve your objectives – Come and discuss HANDI’s plans and tell us what you want to do and how you can help us do it. We have plans to substantially develop our regional groups and our virtual presence to support vibrant physical and virtual communities across our broad and diverse membership and exciting plans for an experimental platform that will allow you to build prototype apps and learn to create and maintain complex clinical content to support the HANDI vision. Panellists include HANDI founders and supporter:

Ewan Davis

Ian McNicoll

Rob Dyke

Alison Longwill

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