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Some light-hearted material, suggested by members of the HANDI community - but often with a serious message.

http://www.waterfall2006.com Waterfall design may have it place but probably not in most Health and Care projects. Where it works well is with an extremely stable, well-understood and easily articulated requirements intended to support rather than change business processes – rarely true in our sector. Empty your bladder before visiting this site.

At our recent workshops Dr Wai Keong Wong contrasted ward rounds 15 years ago with today and the not entirely positive impact of the “COW” (computer on wheels) on the process. This reminded one of our older members of earlier times

The Capability Maturity Model probably has more to offer the apps world than waterfall design and is not necessarily at odds with an agile approach -See here. However, CMM is easily misapplied in organisation where process is more important than outcomes and anyone thinking about CMM should also look at the Capability Immaturity Model  (any similarity with organisations living or dead in health and care IT is purely coincidental ?)

Many of our members are at the younger end of the age spectrum and this gives them different expectations of technology, but what about the generation just born?

Looking for a viable business model for app development? The leading US eHealth 'app' developer Extormity demonstrates the power of an agile, customer-led focus. Forget about Lean and Sigma-6 , the Extormity Knows Best™ Practice Model delivers real benefits going forward (or indeed backward). Indeed Extormity.com is the first EHR to receive platinum level SEEDIE certification.

Looking to improve app Usability and Customer support?  This Norwegian "Helpdesk" training video shows you how.

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  1. […] and flexible approach than traditional waterfall methods (for a light-hearted view of this see http://handihealth.org/handi-out-of-hours/ ) Add to this the use the project has made of G-Cloud to simplify the procurement of external […]