Jan 222015

Welcome to the first news update of 2015. We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

HANDI still relies on the unpaid efforts of a number of volunteers, and we would like to see more involvement, support and engagement from existing and new members over the coming year.

Initially we would like our membership to increase and for HANDI to continue to grow, and would ask all ‘free’ members to consider upgrading their membership this year to one of the paid levels, and non-members to join us. Membership prices start from only £75.00. You can find out more join / upgrade HERE.

We plan to report more news as the year progresses; in the meantime we hope that the new year has started well for you and that it continues to bring you much happiness, health and opportunities.


HANDI gets involved with a number of events each year. Some of these may be of interest to members, and we would recommend that you keep an eye on our 'EVENTS' tab.


We introduced some ‘paid’ membership levels last year in the hope of raising some additional funds to help HANDI continue its work. Paid-up members of HANDI receive additional membership benefits.  If you are not currently a member of HANDI, please join us; and if you are already a free member please consider upgrading your membership to one of our paid levels.


The HANDI Open Platform Demonstrator (HANDI-HOPD) was created to provide a realistic simulation of what an open digital care ecosystem might look like and to provide a “sandpit” in which interested people can learn about emerging digital technology, and enable developers to learn about and experiment with open data, open interfaces and open standards; creating apps, products and services which if proven in a simulated environment could be easily deployed operationally.

We are delighted that NHS England have agreed to use HANDI-HOPD to power the NHS Code4Health Platform, which will be used to improve the digital literacy of the health and care workforce, enable SMEs to test and develop their ideas and facilitate the creation, curation, reuse and sharing of machine-readable content by health and care professionals.

Code4Health was previewed at the NHS Open Source Open Day in December and has already enabled a number of apps to be built, including a sophisticated ePrescribing product www.OPENeP.org which a number of Trusts will be deploying operationally in 2015.

The Code4Health Programme and its supporting platform will be formally launched by NHS England at the HC2015 Conference during Digital Health Week in London in March http://ukehealthweek.com/ following a number of pilot events in the next couple of months.


We had previously informed that we were going to launch a new website. Plans / work on this have not gone as expected and for the time being our existing website will remain in place.

We are however looking for someone from the HANDI community to take on lead responsibility for site content as our Web Editor. This would involve ensuring the site remained up to date, commissioning people to produce content (i.e. identifying interested stuff and cajoling people to produce content on it) maybe the odd bit of content creation yourself. We are sticking with our current website on WordPress, so the web editing skills required are minimal. If you think you can help, please contact us

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