Jan 232013

HANDI wants to offer some ethical internship in 2013 and are looking for sponsors. We need dedicated resource to grow our network and develop our activities and want to do our bit to help talented young people get a foothold in the growing health and care app sector.

We want to offer a number of internships of six months and pay interns at least the minimum wage. We have plenty of interesting projects but need to be able to provide interns with a supportive environment with appropriate facilities, supervision and mentorship.

We are looking for sponsors who can offer one or more of the following:

  • Funding – £ 10k to cover a 6 month internship at the minimum wage including on-costs and expenses.
  • Office space where you can provide facilities, support and supervision. -HANDI can provide overall management and supervision, but we want some on-site support. We are flexible with regard to location, but HANDI is currently best able to provide support in the London, Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham areas.
  • Mentorship – Help ensure HANDI and the Intern get the most out of the programme.

We have lots of potential projects but are happy to work with sponsors who have project ideas that meet their needs and also align with HANDI’s objectives. Our current projects include projects in the technical, health and care, marketing and business development domains.

We will work with sponsors to define the job descriptions and person specification for the Interns and on the selection process, but expect interns will be graduates with good degrees from a range of disciplines

If you are able to help or want to know more about being a sponsor or mentor or providing office space contact ewan@handihealth.org – PLEASE NOTE: Potential interns should not contact us at this stage as we are not yet in a position to process applications. Please register as a member on the HANDI website if you have not already done so. All members will be notified when applications for Interns open. You can also follow #handihealth on Twitter and monitor our web site www.handihealth.org to ensure you don’t miss our announcement which we hope to make around the end of Q1 2013.