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HANDI-HOPD is An online Open Platform Demonstrator that enables people to explore and learn how to  create software ‘apps’, using proven open standards and test them within a realistic simulation of the broader  digital health environment. HANDI HOPD is our attempt to explain to users and commissioners how an open digital health ecosystem can be created and the benefits it would bring.

HANDI-HOPD Overview Diagram


TechUK on 18 August 2014

Latest Presentation given to an Invited Audience at TechUK on 18 August 2014 by Dr Ian McNicoll

Artic Conference 27 May 2014

Dr Ian McNicoll  "Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management" May 27th Tromsø (Norway) - See video below

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You'll find videos of two shorter presentations below from Dr Ian McNicoll.

The shorter video provides a brief 10 minute overview of HANDI-HOPD and comes from the HL7 AID User group meeting in Amsterdam on June 3rd, 2014.

The longer video lasting just over an hour provides a more indepth look and puts HANDI HOPD in a broader context this comes from  The Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management May 27th - 28th 2014 in Tromsø (Norway)

You get most from watching both, but the short video gives you the essential if time is short.

Accompanying presentation

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Links to further information on HANDI-HOPD Components and Partners

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