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NEC Birmingham International 5/6 November 2013

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We are delighted to announce that, due to the generous support of sponsors Microsoft and  Miocare, the inaugural HANDI Health Apps conference will now be a free-to-attend event.

Programme and Booking

Full speaker details and presentation synopses

App Village Showcase Presentations

HANDI are please to announce the major conference for the health and care apps and digital tools community. Which is being run jointly with eHealth Insider and colocated within EHI Live on 5th 6th November at the NEC Birmingham.

HANDI Health Apps is the first national conference dedicated to health and care apps and lightweight digital tools to take place in the UK and a “must attend” event for app developers, health and care professionals,  managers and commissioners  seeking to understand how this new generation of digital tools can support the delivery of efficient, patient centred care.

Co-located with EHI Live, one of the largest conferences and exhibitions, in the UK Health Informatics sectors, which last year attracted nearly 3,000 visitors the HANDI Health Apps Conference, the event provides a unique opportunity for potential app users to discover those apps that meet their needs and for app developers to showcase their apps to a large audience of potential users, recommenders and commissioners of apps.

The HANDI Health Apps Conference has three elements:

The Conference

where you can hear from policy makers, academics, industry experts and those with personal lived experience of building or using apps in health and care. Talking about the key issues that face app developers and/or users:

Business models for both commercial and social entrepreneurs – How do you make you app pay? Speakers include:

  • Mairi Johnson - Executive Director HealthBox Europe
  • Rob Dyke - Director and Co-Founder HANDI Health CIC
  • Claire Jones - Director at Tech4Health
  • Julie Bretland - Director Our Mobile Health
  • Dr Joel Ratnasothy - Medical Director Caradigm

Quality and accreditation How can I find apps that are safe and appropriate to use or recommend? What do I have to do as a developer to prove my apps are safe and appropriate and meet mandatory and optional quality standards?

  • Dr Maureen Baker CBE - Clinical Director for Patient Safety - Health and Social Care Information Centre
  • Richard Brady - Surgical SpR Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
  • Prof Jeremy Wyatt - Leadership Professor of eHealth Research, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds

Interoperability and orchestration How can I ensure that the apps I build or use are able to interoperate with other relevant apps and IT systems, appropriately sharing data and orchestrated to work together to support users needs?

  • Inderjit Singh - Head of Enterprise Architecture NHS England
  • Rob Tweed - M/Gateway Developments Ltd

Tools and Services Learn about the tools and services available to help you build good quality apps quickly crack the challenges of quality assurance, interoperability, and orchestration and to promote and distribute your apps.

  • Jim Dawton - Lead Specialist-Design – Technology Strategy Board
  • Dr Roy Shubhabrata - Medical Director EMEA Caradigm UK
  • Ewan Davis - Director and Co-Founder HANDI Health CIC

App Developers Speakers also include a number of people with personal experience of building successful health and care apps willing to share what they learnt with you, including:

  • Sarah Amani - Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Trust – ‘My Journey’ Youth Mental Health App
  • Katherine Cormack - NHS London - Well Happy App
  • Rowan Pritchard-Jones - Consultant Plastic Surgeon at St. Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust – Mersey Burns App

Full list of speakers and presentation titles

Programme and Booking

The HANDI App Village 

A unique opportunity for app developers and distributors to showcase their apps to potential users, recommenders and commissioners of apps. Clearly branded and located in the centre of the EHI Live Exhibition exhibitors can expect their app to be seen by the 3,000+ Visitors expected at EHI Live.

The current exhibitors are:

Bellis-Jones Hill

Boiler House

Cloud Clinical Systems

Cranworth Medical

Digital Life Sciences 





Our Mobile Health

PKS Services

TBT Intelligent Information

As well as the exhibitors during the course of the conference there are a series of showcase presentations of innovative products and  services Full details here

Access to the HANDI Health Apps Village  will be free of charge

More information for potential exhibitors and sponsors

Build your own App Workshop

Located close to the HANDI App Village. This workshop provides the opportunity for hands-on experience with a range of rapid development tools. These tools include those suitable for both interested end-users and experienced developers. Come and build your own prototype app and learn how these tools can help you rapidly create production quality apps and take the pain out of many of the issues associated with app development, interoperability and orchestration.

Tools that will be available include:

Microsoft - Windows 8 App Development Labs

Get “hands-on” with short, “bitesize” Windows 8 app development Labs.

Reach millions of people around the world who use Windows every day.

No need to learn new programming languages – bring your existing skills with you.

Lab1: Exploring the New Windows 8 Modern User Interface (UI) and Windows 8 Apps

For all

Explore the touch-first world of the Windows 8 Modern UI. Learn how easy it is to use Windows Store apps and how they integrate with the system and with each other.

Lab 2: Building a Windows Store App without Programming!

For technically-proficient, non-developers

Build your first Windows Store app without coding, using ZipApp.

Lab 3: Get Familiar with the Windows Store App Development tools

For those with some development experience

See you easy it is to create Windows Store apps with Visual Studio 2013.

Lab 4: Building Your First App

For those with some development experience

See how easy it is to build apps that take advantage of system and on-line services.

Lab 5: Using Windows Store App Advanced Features

For experienced developers

Use some of the advanced features of Windows Store apps to build a rich user experience.



LiveCode is a cross-platform app development tool suitable for total beginners and experienced developers. It’s available under free under an open source licence for those who want to create open source apps or under a commercial licence for those who want to sell their apps.

LiveCode is used by huge companies, such as KLM for their real time flight booking system, for healthcare systems used by millions each year and for Top 10 best-selling multi platform mobile apps. Yet the very same LiveCode is used to teach children and students how to code for the first time.



OpenEHR is a virtual community working on interoperability and computability in e-health. Its main focus is electronic patient records (EHRs) and systems.

The OpenEHR Foundation has published a set of specifications defining a health information reference model, a language for building 'clinical models', or archetypes, which are separate from the software which consumes them.

OpenEHR provides a community and a set of tools that allow clinicians to build archetypes in a collaborative environment. Unlike many other modelling tools OpenEHR tools are easily accessible to clinicians and other health and care professionals without technical software coding or modelling skills, while at the same time producing the technical artefacts developers need to build systems. OpenEHR is build one the CEN 13606 standard and is designed to make use of established health terminologies, such as SNOMED CT, LOINC and ICD.

Individual OpenEHR archetypes typically encompass a small element of a clinical record (for example a blood pressure) and provide a superset of all of those parameters that might conceivable be associated with it across all use cases. Developers can then constrain this archetype with a template to expose just those parameters they require in a particular application. By building records with OpenEHR archetypes developers guarantee interoperability with other systems using the same archetypes, much reducing the expertise and effort required to create interoperable systems and computable records.

The tools available in the workshop will enable you to explore how you build and modify archetypes and templates and/or use existing archetypes and tools are services complying with the OpenEHR specification to build interoperable apps .



OpenClinical.net aims to a build a community of developers who aspire to develop and share knowledge of best clinical practice, and empower them to build and deploy apps that exploit this knowledge. The OpenClinical tools are provided by Deontics Ltd; they support a complete set of knowledge authoring services to create and test your apps and publish them on Repertoire, an open access, open source repository on the OpenClinical server. Typical apps include clinical assessment and triage, diagnosis support and treatment selection, workflow management and multidisciplinary care. Apps have been built for specialist clinicians and GPs, nurses and patients to assist in their decision-making. Some demonstrations of apps that have been built and shared on OpenClinical.net are at http://www.openclinical.net/demos.html and many more can be reviewed on Repertoire.

Once you are registered as a member of the OpenClinical.net community you can download the OpenClinical authoring system to your computer and use its intuitive process design and medical logic tools to build your app*, test it interactively (against patient cases perhaps) and publish it on Repertoire for others to share. An OpenClinical app can be used with other services on the OpenClinical knowledge management platform to directly create clinical or patient services or integrate them into other applications. An OpenClinical app can be used to address your own needs or adapted by others for different user settings.

Meet OpenClinical.net team members at the HandiHealth Apps stand, and let them help you build and deploy your first clinical decision support or care pathway app. Appsolutely!

* Tallis automatically generates this for you in the well-known PROforma modelling language (www.openclinical.org/gmm_proforma.html and J American Medical Informatics Association, 2003).

Programme and Booking

Programme and Booking

Full speaker details and presentation synopses

Access to the HANDI Health Apps Village and Build your own App Workshop will be free of charge, delegate charges for the HANDI Health Apps Conference is £95 for both days.

To book your place click the HANDI Health Conference logo below

HANDI Health Apps at EHI LIve

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