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Welcome to the HANDI Discussion Forums

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Currently there are just three forums:

General Discussion

This forum is to post questions, information or discuss anything relevant to our membership other than those matters related to HANDI's developmenent or the forums themselves.

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HANDI Development

This forum is the place to make your comments about how you would like to see HANDI and our regional clusters develop and what we should do. It also the place for you to offer your help to do these things

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About the Forums

This forum which seeks your views and opinions about how we configure and manage the forums.

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In due course we may provide a number of forums on different themes, but experience tells us that it is not a good idea to have too many forums or to try and predict what an appropriate structure should be before we actually see what people are posting.

So please, use the "About the Forums" forum to tell us how you think we should structure and manage the forums as they develop.

Forum Rules

Serious postings only

The list is for serious discussion of matters relating to health and care apps, digital tools and informatics. There are other forums for more general chat. Although we are happy to have the occasional more light-hearted post when it supports the discussion.


While we are happy that products, services and events are mentioned where relevant to discussions. Please make it clear if you have any beneficial interest that might have influenced your opinion. Blatant plugging or simple advertising in not welcomed if you are unsure please clear your proposed posting with forums@handihealth.org.