Conference Programme and Confirmed Speakers


Programme Day 1 - 3rd November
Programme Day 2 - 4th November


Emily Macdonald

Emily Macdonald  Tuesday 3rd November - 10:15 - 10:35 - open Eco Systems: Digital Sophia
Emily Macdonald - Founder of Digital Sophia
An American nurse who has been living in England on the Isle of Wight for 7 years. It was her year as a nurse in Benin, West Africa that ignited her passion for infectious disease control and population health. In the UK she has worked for numerous public health organisations including the Health Protection Agency, Public Health England, PCTs, CCGs and Local Authorities. Her recent focus in digital health technologies aims to make patient and clinician communication easier and more efficient. Her creation of “Digital Sophia” is predicted to drastically improve how the NHS interfaces with and supports consumers.

Dr Rebecca Wassall

Becky Wassall pic  Tuesday 3rd November - 10:40 - 11:00 - open Eco Systems: open Odonto
Dr Rebecca Wassall - Lecturer, Researcher and Senior Community Dentist - Newcastle
Rebecca is a practising community dentist. Qualified in 2000, she worked in NHS hospital, GP and community dentistry and in 2011 completed a PhD.

Currently, as Clinical Lecturer at Newcastle University, she provides dentistry for adults with complex needs and undertakes research into the organisation and delivery of dental services for older dependent people. Her research seeks to celebrate and promote the humanistic aspects of dentistry while also embracing the opportunities of technology to improve oral health and wellbeing.

Her frustrations with proprietary software available for NHS community dentistry, led her to pitch at NHS Hack Day Leeds 2014. Driven by the need for change, she is a founding director OpenOdonto CIC, a not for profit company which aims to support knowledge sharing among dental clinicians and promote the development of open source software for NHS community dentistry.  Twitter: @bexmoxon

Paul Cooper

 Paul Cooper  Tuesday 3rd November - 11:30 - 11:50 - open Digital Eco-Systems
Research Director - IMS Maxims
Pauls career started in California’s Silicon Valley before working for ICL/Fujitsu and Siemens where he managed various Europe-wide health telematics R&D projects. He joined IMS MAXIMS 18 years ago to pursue two objectives – to make systems easier to use for clinicians and to make systems better able to interoperate.  Paul sits on the techUK Health and Social Care Council where he leads on interoperability and open source. He has been an advocate of open source in health since 2001 and recently persuaded his company to make MAXIMS EPR software available under an open source licence.  In September 2015 the first NHS Trust went live with the openMAXIMS open source software. 

Prof John Fox

JohnFox  Tuesday 3rd November - 11:55 - 12:15 - open Digital Eco-Systems
Professor of Engineering Science and Cognitive Systems, Oxford University
John is an Oxford scientist and engineer who works on human and artificial intelligence and the development of practical technologies for decision-making in medicine and other safety-critical fields (J Fox S Das, Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications, MIT Press 2000). He is internationally known for his contributions to digital healthcare and was a founder of InferMed Ltd, a company that has developed many “decision support systems” for the NHS and other healthcare providers and was recently acquired by the medical and scientific publisher Elsevier. John continues to be a very active scientist but is also a founder and chief scientific officer of Deontics Ltd., an Oxford University and UCL start-up that is developing new AI technologies for improving quality of care. He is also Director of the OpenClinical knowledge sharing project (

Tracy Maryan

Tracy Maryan   Tuesday 3rd November - 12:30- 12:50 - Open Eco Systems: Open eObs Community
Open eObs Clinical Project Manager - East & North Hertfordshire
Qualified nurse since 2003 working in Acute Trust with Renal patients, became increasingly aware of need for accurate assessment of patients  to ensure safety is maintained.

Worked with Open Source Electronic Observations in a pilot stage on acute ward, was then seconded to Clinical manager for role out programme across the Trust.

Passionate about the need for appropriate monitoring, escalation and assessment of the deteriorating patients for improved outcomes and reduce hospital admissions and length of stay.

Mark Salmon

Tuesday 3rd November - 12:55 - 13:15 - App Accreditation
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) [biography to follow]

Diamaid Crean

Tuesday 3rd November - 12:55 - 13:15 - App Accreditation
Deputy Director, Digital - Public Health England  [biography to follow]

Dr Phil Koczan

Dr Phil Koczan  Tuesday 3rd November - 14:15 - 14:35 - Open Eco Systems: Apperta Foundation Challenge update
GP, Chief Clinical Information Officer UCL Partners and also NE London Foundation Trust and Board Member Apperta Foundation CIC
A GP in Chingford North East London and has a portfolio career in Medical informatics. He is currently Chief Clinical Information Officer for both UCL Partners, an academic health science partnership and North East London Foundation Trust. He is also the London Digital Clinical Champion for Patient on Line project with NHS England and clinical lead for a 111 data integration project.

His particular interest is around bringing data together from different care settings to support the development of integrated care initiatives focused around the patient, support the clinicians in the delivery of care patient care and using data for quality improvement, risk stratification, research and improving patient safety.

He is a director of Apperta Foundation focusing on open software and standards for health and social care.

Martin Callinan

M Callinan  Tuesday 3rd November - 14:15 - 14:35 - Open Eco Systems: How Clean is your Code - Challenge Winner Award
Founder & Director – Source Code Control Ltd
Martin has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry with a focus of Software Asset Management, IT Governance and risk avoidance. He contributed to Working Group 21 the group responsible for authoring Standards relating to Software Asset Management such as ISO/IEC 19770-1. In the past, Martin has worked for Microsoft Limited, FrontRange Solutions, Centennial Software, Snow Software and Express Metrix Limited.

Suma Surendranath

Suma Surendranath  Tuesday 3rd November - 14:40 - 15:00 - Wearables: Practicalities of integrating technology into clinical practice, using the Parkinson's Kineti-Graph
Professional Engagement Programme Manager - Parkinsons UK
Suma joined Parkinson's UK in October 2012. A physiotherapist by background (specialising in rheumatology and chronic pain management), she moved into the voluntary sector in 2008 when she joined Macmillan Cancer Support where her focus was on the development of learning and development opportunities (with particular reference to self management programmes) for people affected by cancer.

Suma's current role is to managing professional engagement with the newly launched UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network, an initiative that brings together professionals, people affected by Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s UK in a collaborative partnership aiming to transform services for people living with the condition across the UK.  A key focus within the Excellence Network is utilising new innovations and technologies to improve symptom management and support greater partnership working between people affected by Parkinson’s and their professionals.

Andrew Mumford

Tuesday 3rd November - 14:40 - 15:00 - Wearables
Director - Octopus [biography to follow]

Ewan Davis

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Tuesday 3rd November - 15:15 - 15:35 - open Digital Eco-Systems
Director and Co-Founder HANDI Health CIC, Director Woodcote Consulting
Ewan Davis is one of the Founders of HANDI Health. He has worked in health care IT since 1981. As well as his work for HANDI he is also a Director of Woodcote Consulting

Ewan was the founder of GP System supplier AAH Meditel and is a past Chair of both the BCS Primary Healthcare Group and the Intellect Healthcare Group (the industry trade association) and currently sits on the Intellect Healthcare Council.

Dr Ian McNicoll

Ian McNicholl  Tuesday 3rd November - 15:40 - 16:00 - open Digital Eco-Systems
Former GP, Independent Consultant - freshEHR Clinical Informatics Ltd
Ian is a former Scottish GP, and has been involved in healthcare informatics for nearly 30 years, working with and promoting openEHR technologies for the last 8 years, latterly as an independent consultant with freshEHR Clinical Informatics Ltd.

He is a Co-chair of the openEHR Foundation, Director of the UK not-for-profit HANDIHealth CIC, a member of the NHS Scotland SCIMP group and an Honorary Senior Research Associate at CHIME, UCL, UK.

His current focus is on the promotion of the HANDIhealth open e-health platform ecosystem, with openEHR at its core, and the development of a related Development Platform, adopted by NHS England as a key part of their Code4Health initiative.

Tom Whicher

TomWhicher  Tuesday 3rd November - 16:15 - 16:35 - App Case Studies: Demonstrating effective ROI at scale for your app
Founder - DrDoctor
“DrDoctor is ushering in a new world of seamless online access to healthcare. We a provide cross channel, SMS, email and online platform which optimise and automate the booking process, lets patients view and transact with information in real time. Hospitals using DrDoctor see multimillion pound savings through DNA reduction, less admin and getting rid of paper.

An engineer by training, Tom worked in NHS consultancy focusing on turning around hospitals through on the ground operational change, before co-founding DrDoctor in 2012. That knowledge of hospital operations continues to steer development and drive the core DrDoctor strategy - transform how patients interact with their hospital, whilst saving providers money. Tom is a regular speaker at tech and social investment events, an occasional writer and contributor to the Guardian and is a mentor for the Bethnal Green Ventures programme.”

Louise Rogerson

Louise Rogerson headshot  Tuesday 3rd November - 16:40 - 17:00 - App Case Studies
Director of Service Development - Intelesant
A physiotherapist with 18 years experience working within the NHS as a frontline clinician, operational service manager, and latterly as a commissioner.  Since 2013, Louise has worked with Intelesant who are a digital health company whose focus is on connecting personal networks with health and social care systems.  Intelesant's particular interest is with the frail, the elderly, and those with long term conditions which aligns well with Louise's clinical expertise with neurology and older people.

Keith Farrar

Keith Farrar   Wednesday 4th November - 10:15 - 10:35 - open Eco Systems: Open ePrescribing
Community Lead - Open ePrescribing Community
Keith is the clinical lead for the Open Source ePrescribing project. After 15 years as a Chief Pharmacist he spent almost a decade working in the private sector on software development for NHS Hospitals and is now using this experience to support the open source project.

Rebecca McCarter

Wednesday 4th November - 10:40 - 11:00 - open Eco Systems
Learning & Teaching Development Officer – Bradford University Life Sciences [biography to follow]

Dr Tony Shannon

tony_shannon  Wednesday 4th November - 11:30 - 11:50 - open Digital Eco-Systems
Director- Leeds Care Record Programme and Director - Ripple Programme
The Leeds Care Record programme delivers an integrated care record across health and social care for the people of Leeds.  The Ripple Programme has been set up to foster a community of health & social care pioneers in England, working to improve the care they provide, by collaborating around an open Integrated Care Record platform.

Director, Frectal Ltd. Blog:

Qualified in Medicine in University College Dublin. Trained in Emergency Medicine & Informatics between Ireland, UK & the US. Over 20 years frontline clinical practice, inc 10 years as Consultant in Emergency Medicine in the NHS.

Involved in Informatics at local/regional/national/international levels over the last 10 years .  Interests in change in complex systems, clinical leadership, process improvement, information technology, the pursuit of "value" in healthcare.

Dr Marcus Baw

Marcus Baw  Wednesday 4th November - 11:55 - 12:15 - open Digital Eco-Systems
General Practitioner, Emergency Physician, Healthcare IT Adviser
Marcus is a doctor, a clinical informatician, and a maker. He is an outspoken advocate of open source healthcare computing, and is one of the founding directors of @open_health_hub, a CIC working towards better use of open source in the NHS and providing free public Code Custodianship for small organisations that do not want to set up their own foundation for code-ownership.

He is a highly active member of the NHS Hack Day community, and taught himself to code Ruby after seeing what great stuff you can do with code at his first NHS Hack Day. He likes explaining Developer stuff to Doctors, and Doctor stuff to Developers, acting as a 'bridge' between the two professional groups. He is on the committees of the RCGP Health Informatics Group and the BCS Primary Health Care Specialist Group.

Clinically he's a locum GP in the North West of England. In 2014 he founded Leigh Hackspace, a new makerspace. He lives on a smallholding in Lancashire with his wife, two children, and a load of chickens.

Rob Turpin

RobTurpin  Wednesday 4th November - 12:30 - 12:50 - App Accreditation
Healthcare Market Development Manager - BSI
Rob Turpin joined the British Standards Institution in 2001 and is currently Market Development Manager for the healthcare sector.  He leads on the creation of new standards opportunities relating to medical devices, digital technologies, healthcare services and ageing society.   A key topic for focus is the role that standards can play in supporting healthcare innovation.

Previously, Rob was involved in managing national and international standards development programmes across a variety of subject areas.  He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Teesside.

Charles Lowe

CharlesLowe  Wednesday 4th November - 12:55 - 13:15 - App Accreditation
Managing Director - Digital Health And Care Alliance (DHACA)
After a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge and an MSc at the London Business School, Charles began an early financial career with Exxon and then BT. Increasingly attracted to IT, in 1995 he led the creation of their intranet as an enabler of BT’s efficiency improvement, and subsequently the establishment & initial sales of a wide range of BT internet technology-based products.

In 2001 he moved to LB Newham where he established a telecare programme that was at one time the largest in the UK, and won Dept. of Health Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) funding to extend to telehealth.  Unhappy with the WSD evaluation methodology proposed, in 2008 he joined Telehealth Solutions (now Medvivo) where he drove the development & sale of patient-friendly remote patient monitoring services. In 2011, the lure of a fixed term contract in Surrey to establish both a telecare & a telehealth programme was irresistible, leading to one of the largest successful telehealth deployments in the UK.

Charles is Managing Director of the Digital Health & Care Alliance (DHACA), an Expert Reviewer for the EC, a Contributing Editor to, organiser of the London Health Technology Forum, and President of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Telemedicine and eHealth Section.  He chairs Citizens Online, the digital inclusion charity, too.

Scott Hague

Scott Hague  Wednesday 4th November - 14:15 - 14:35 - App Case Studies: Six Lessons From Developing Medical Apps
Owner & Development Director - Integrated Change
Scott Hague is the owner and Development Director of Integrated Change, a specialist Digital Health Agency. He sits on the technology strategy board for Parkinson’s UK and is also director healthcare consultancy firm Worldwide Healthcare Associates.

Scott has been in the digital industry for over 18 years and brings a genuine wealth of experience with him during his time designing and developing over 70 mobile apps and digital projects. Scott is also a product marketer and digital marketing specialist; something that many projects lack the expertise of and is excited about the changes afoot in search engines with App Indexing. He has launched his own platform to allow any size of healthcare organisation to launch their very own app called Pocket Practice.

To date Scott is involved in some truly exciting projects for his clients from mental health apps for young people, apps for internal NHS staff, apps for nurses, websites for patient advocacy groups and acute patient referrals; to name a few.

Whilst Scott has a passion for technology and having grown up in a family of medical professionals, his pet hate is technical jargon and hospital brochures! A thought leader in his industry, Scott speaks openly and honestly and likes to get back to basics when it comes to digital.

Scott is exhibiting on stand C14 and you can see him speak about his experiences of developing apps and mobile services for healthcare on Wednesday 4th November at 2.15pm.

Dr Amy Hardy

AmyHardy   Wednesday 4th November - 14:40 - 15:00 - App Case Studies
Research Clinical Psychologist - Kings College London
Designing the future of talking therapy: Using digital health to improve outcomes.

Amy is a Research Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London and South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.  Since 2001, she has worked in clinical and research roles with people experiencing severe mental health problems, such as psychosis.  Currently, she is the Research Co-ordinator for the Psychosis Research Partnership and the Psychology Lead for Posttraumatic Stress in the Psychosis Clinical Academic Group.

Talking therapies show promise for supporting recovery and improving wellbeing in people with complex mental health problems.  However, significant barriers to implementation, uptake and adherence need to be addressed to improve access and effectiveness.  Amy is interested in the unique opportunities provided by digital technology for empowering people to make use of psychological interventions.  She believes a user-centred design approach is essential for developing interventions that meet the needs of service users and clinicians.

Amy has led a multidisciplinary collaboration that includes the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Inclusive Design, Royal College of Art, Maudsley Digital and Original Breed to develop a mobile application to augment an existing, evidence-based talking therapy for managing paranoia, or worries about being caused harm by others.  Based on this work, she has recently been awarded a Wellcome Trust Pathfinder grant to investigate the feasibility of wearable technology for improving outcomes in psychosis.

Campbell Grant

Campbell Grant   Wednesday 4th November - 15:15 - 15:35 - App Case Studies
Founder and CEO - Sitekit Group
Sitekit is working in partnership with its 80+ NHS customers in projects that place the citizen at the centre of managing their health, wellbeing and lifestyle. In close partnership with clinicians, Sitekit has developed the ‘eRedbook', a digital version of the Redbook (Personal Child Health Record). Sitekit has also developed a self-care platform that enables clinicians in NHS Liverpool to prescribe apps and digital step-down care services with secure, consented information sharing between statutory systems, personal devices and the patient’s informal circle of care.

Campbell founded his company in 1989 on his native Isle of Skye and has led its growth to 40 staff and leadership in its chosen market niche. The company has opened offices in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh - to be closer to its customers and to access the best talent and research.

Campbell is chair of the digital health Special Interest Groups at Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Scottish Lifesciences Association (SLA) and is an industry representative on the Scottish Government's Health Innovation Partnership Board. 

Dr Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne pic  Wednesday 4th November - 15:40 - 16:00 - App Case Studies:
My Cancer Assist - Delivering Cancer care through innovation.

Doctor - Guy's and St Thomas' Foundation Trust
Sarah graduated with honours as a medical doctor from UCL in 1999 and subsequently trained in internal medicine in London. She started her specialisation in Medical Oncology at Barts Health NHS Trust in 2003. In 2005 she was appointed as a Clinical Fellow at Barts Cancer Institute after being awarded an MRC grant to support her PHD research in breast cancer, which she completed in 2010. Sarah returned to clinical work after her PhD at Barts Hospital and moved to Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust (GSTT) in March 2014 to gain experience working in another international centre of excellence. Sarah completed her training in Medical Oncology in July 2014. Sarah was most recently appointed as a post CCT fellow in Medical Oncology at GSTT in January 2014.

During her training Sarah has developed a a significant portfolio in delivering, organising and developing Undergraduate and Postgraduate medical education and multi professional educational opportunities. More recently, Sarah has been involved in coordinating a new partnership between GSTT and UCL Computer Science Department to develop innovative prototype patient facing applications and web based technologies, aimed at pushing the boundaries of healthcare delivery.

Saira Chowdhury

Sara Chow pic  Wednesday 4th November - 15:40 - 16:00 - App Case Studies
Specialist Upper GI Oncology Dietician - Guy's and St Thomas' Foundation Trust
Saira qualified as a registered dietitan in 2003.  After working in a number of surgical and medical specialities, she has specialised in the field of upper gastrointestinal oncology taking up a specialist training post in Oncology at Guy's Hospital in 2005. Covering all tumour types with an interest in nutritional support and upper GI cancers, Saira was appointed as the first upper gastrointestinal oncology dietitian for Guy's & St. Thomas' Hospitals in 2007. She currently remains in this post providing specialist dietetic input to patients across their treatment pathway.  She has published in this specialist field and contributed to developing patient information in collaboration with national upper gastrointestinal cancer charities. Saira is also a Medical Advisory Board member for Pancreatic Cancer UK and lectures regularly at London universities.

UCL Computer Science Students - Henry Scott Green, Alexander Gamble and Iustin Sibiescu are co-presenting.