Mar 072017

NHS England Diabetes Prevention Programme: Call for Expressions of Interest open until mid-day 15th March.

Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) is a joint commitment between NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes UK.

The programme is inviting providers and developers of existing health apps and online platforms aimed at reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to submit their products for consideration to take part in this exciting opportunity.

Our Mobile Health Ltd have been appointed to undertake a review of available products, and if you have a product that would support this work, you can find out more information and submit your application HERE.

Feb 232014

HANDI has had an invitation from NHS England for HANDI Members who are developing apps for health and care to "Show and Tell" in NHS England's Entrepreneurs Zone on  Monday 3rd March at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014  in Manchester.

NHS England is looking for developers with work in progress, prototypes and early production versions who want to show people what they have done and seek suggestions for improvement and share their experiences with others. They are particularly keen to hear from people developing free and open source apps and from clinicians and other health and care professionals who are "Coding4Health"

Those accepted will be granted free admission to Expo on the 3rd and allocated a slot and a place on the NHS England Entrepreneurs Zone where they can "Show and  Tell" with power and dedicated WiFi.

Space is limited -  to express your interest please register via this link.

Apr 152013

HANDI believes that the realisation of the promise of  digital tools to transform the way we deliver health and care requires an approach based on user centred designed involving frontline users. Clinicians form a substantial part of the user community and HANDI are strong supporters of the EHI CCIO Campaign which aims to strengthen clinical leadership  in the world of information and informatics through the appointment of a Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) in all NHS organisations.

In support of this object the EHI CCIO Campaign have established the CCIO Network. This network is not just for CCIOs and aspiring CCIOs, but for all with an interest in clinical informatics and is something we would urge all HANDI Members to consider joining. The network brings together clinicians, academics and those working in the technology industry to supply useful content, support best practice and participate in events.

The CCIO Leaders Network is a network built and continuing to build on existing clinical networks, and is fast becoming the home for clinical informatics.

By signing up to the CCIO Leaders Network you:

  • gain access to online resources, interviews and case studies
  • can enrol in our mentorship programme for developing future clinical information leaders
  • can take part in lively online discussions on key topics
  • receive the fortnightly newsletter with profiles and community discussions
  • receive invitations to a professionally focused events series, curated by a leading industry advisory panel

join a vibrant community for shared learning of best practice in Health IT

To get involved and participate in this growing community sign up free here:


Jan 232013

HANDI wants to offer some ethical internship in 2013 and are looking for sponsors. We need dedicated resource to grow our network and develop our activities and want to do our bit to help talented young people get a foothold in the growing health and care app sector.

We want to offer a number of internships of six months and pay interns at least the minimum wage. We have plenty of interesting projects but need to be able to provide interns with a supportive environment with appropriate facilities, supervision and mentorship.

We are looking for sponsors who can offer one or more of the following:

  • Funding – £ 10k to cover a 6 month internship at the minimum wage including on-costs and expenses.
  • Office space where you can provide facilities, support and supervision. -HANDI can provide overall management and supervision, but we want some on-site support. We are flexible with regard to location, but HANDI is currently best able to provide support in the London, Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham areas.
  • Mentorship – Help ensure HANDI and the Intern get the most out of the programme.

We have lots of potential projects but are happy to work with sponsors who have project ideas that meet their needs and also align with HANDI’s objectives. Our current projects include projects in the technical, health and care, marketing and business development domains.

We will work with sponsors to define the job descriptions and person specification for the Interns and on the selection process, but expect interns will be graduates with good degrees from a range of disciplines

If you are able to help or want to know more about being a sponsor or mentor or providing office space contact – PLEASE NOTE: Potential interns should not contact us at this stage as we are not yet in a position to process applications. Please register as a member on the HANDI website if you have not already done so. All members will be notified when applications for Interns open. You can also follow #handihealth on Twitter and monitor our web site to ensure you don’t miss our announcement which we hope to make around the end of Q1 2013.

Jun 122012

We have recently added a discussion form to the HANDI web site which we hope will help facilitate discussion within the HANDI community.

We have set up some initial forums and hope you will participate. The structure of the forum will develop based on your feedback and the posts we get. For now we have set up the forums listed below. Let as know if you think we should split/merge any of the forums or if you think there are new ones we need to add. We are also just getting to know the Mingle plug-in we are using to run the forum and would welcome any suggestions or help on how we might configure it more appropriately - You can post comments and suggestion to the HANDI Forum.


Tell us what you think about HANDI. How you want to see HANDI develop, what we should do and how you can help us.

My Apps

Tell us about apps you have written or apps you like

App Chat

For app chat not covered elsewhere

Offered and Wanted

Use this forum to find partners, collaborators and services related to health and care apps

Clinical Content and Interoperability

Issues related to clinical content, clinical data standards and interoperability

Business Models

For discussion about business models both commercial and social

Legal and Regulatory

For discussion of legal and regulatory issues related to apps including: IPR, licensing, the Medical Devices Directive and product liability


For discussion of technical issues related to app development, APIs, platforms, technical standards, tools and development methodologies