May 052015


PAS 277:2015 defines a set of quality criteria for the development, testing and releasing of health and wellness apps.

The recommendations cover the full app project life cycle from development through to updating and are relevant to clinical, native, hybrid and web based apps. This PAS also addresses fitness for purpose, risk management and monitoring of usage.

It allows app developers to come up with innovative ways of providing solutions that may be adopted by health care professionals and the public. Going forward, it will help support a change in how healthcare is delivered in the future.

Who is it for?

PAS 277 is intended for the use of app developers and publishers, but may also benefit health care professionals and general users of mobile apps.

It is particularly relevant to professional bodies such as: HANDI, DHACA, Royal College of Physicians Health Informatics Unit, Tech UK and TSA.

The document underwent a peer and public review and is a consensus document.

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