HANDI is a not-for-profit venture that seeks to facilitate the creation of a world where openness, collaboration and the transformational power of digital technology improves the health and well-being of people and helps health and care and care professionals deliver high quality compassionate care.

We want to be an open and inclusive organisation that wants to engage with citizens, patients and service users to support and encourage all developers of healthcare apps in the public private and third sectors whether you are a gifted amateur, professional developer, innovative start-up or established company if you’re developing health and care apps or just have a good idea for one we want to work with you for our mutual benefit. We are neutral with regard to platform, standards and business models so if you’re looking to produce a free open source app on android or a proprietary iPhone app  to make you filthy rich (or any of the myriad of other possibilities), we want you to join us.

HANDI has a UK focus. However, we want to create international links building on those that many of our promoters already have with both the developed and developing world and welcome members from all parts of the world.

HANDI is as a community interest company so that any profits we may eventually generate can only be used for community benefit.

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  1. […] Dyke co-founds HANDI, a new not-for-profit venture. – The Healthcare App Network for Development and Innovati…. Tactix4 to provide technical services to the network, including design and hosting […]

  2. […] are a range of concepts bubbling around the NHS in this regard, including the Apps Marketplace, HANDI and eHealthOpenSource but I’m not really sure however that any of them have really gained any […]

  3. Hi,

    Enjoyed some the very relevant sessions at the Toute Suite at EHI. Hoping we can present at EHI 2015. We are in various NHS trusts and CCGs. We run a patient centred medical ecosystem which interoperable with GP, hospital and pharmacy systems.

    Look us up at http://www.handlemyhealth.eu

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