Apr 022012

Its just over two weeks since we first widely publicised HANDI on the 13th March. We have had a very encouraging response. HANDI Health is now registered as a Community Interest Company and plans for our launch workshops are advancing with booking now open for the first event in Newcastle on 9 May Click Here to Book you place

The many discussion we have had has helped us refine our thinking about what HANDI is about and I would like to share our thoughts with you and ask for you comments?

HANDI is not just about mobile

While the app paradigm comes from the world of mobile phones. It has much greater applicability. The key thing about the app paradigm  is that it allows useful applications to be developed and deployed at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of traditional software applications. Apps are definitively connected things but they can potentially run on any and all devices from mobile phones to digital TVs, including traditional PCs. They can be mobile when they need to be, but this is almost coincidental to what makes them special.

See "Forget the 'M' " and "What's an App" for further thoughts on this

HANDI will not be producing apps itself

Apart from possibly apps about apps, HANDI has no plans to produce apps  itself. What HANDI wants to do is encourage and facilitate other to do so.  We hope HANDI will make it easier and cheaper for others to produce good quality apps thus increasing the return on investment (commercial or social) for app developers. We plan to do this by helping app developers find information, tools, services and partners that will  facilitate the development and deployment of their apps and help them avoid having to re-solve problems that others have already solved.

HANDI will not be building a platform for apps or promoting particular standards

Fully delivering the HANDI vision requires technical infrastructure, services and standards to support the orchestration of apps and the interoperability between apps; between apps and back-end services; and between apps and existing systems. There are many existing initiatives both globally and in the UK which address aspects of these challenges. Members of the HANDI community include people actively engaged in many of these initiatives and others with specialist expertise but a more independent perspective. HANDI want increase awareness in the HANDI community of what's available and to encourage and facilitate people to use those things that they think might be useful to them while at the same time encouraging new developments to fulfil unmet needs. We intend to do this through a programme of education but also by practical action to get APIs, services and infrastructure opened up for use by the HANDI community, both experimentally and for production use.

More on this soon.

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