Apr 132015

HANDI-HOPD the HANDI Open Platform Demonstrator has now been adopted by NHS England as the NHS England Code4Health Platform. This platform provides a simulation environment for any system of service that wants to expose an API (interface) in an open ecosystem and includes an openEHR repository loaded with test data from the Leeds Lab Project.

We have exposed SMART and FHIR APIs as well as the native openEHR service API on top of the repository, and used this to build a number of apps and also demonstrated how you can simply plug in apps developed elsewhere using the SMART API.

The platform has also been used to prototype a UK localisation of an open source ePrescribing product www.openep.org and the speed we have been able to carry out the localisation and meet some special mental health requirements has been impressive, indeed so impressive that we will shortly be announcing the first NHS Trusts who will be taking the system live.

Work is currently being completed to re-brand the HANDI platform as the NHS Code4Health Platform, and this will shortly be available for those who want to learn more and experiment with this and other open technologies.

 Posted by on April 13, 2015 at 14:08