Jun 122014

HANDI will be participating in the Digital Mental Health Workshop at the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership Conference in Manchester today (12 June 2014) IIMHL www.iimhl.com/

The presentation will be given by Dr Alison Longwill of Woodcote Consulting www.woodcote-consulting.com

Alison Longwill is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with substantial clinical and forensic experience. She holds a PhD which examined psychological factors in diabetes, an MBA and Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology. Alison has substantial NHS management experience including Board level experience in a large mental health trust. She founded Woodcote Consulting in 1996 and has delivered a wide range of projects for NHS, criminal justice and third sector organisations and has a successful psycho-legal practice. Alison is a Director of HANDI and leads its work on mental health and wellbeing.


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Videos and presentations from HANDI’s Digital Mental Health Workshop Birmingham 15 July 2013

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Woodcote Consulting.  Our blog   contains pieces on a wide range on mainly technical issue around digital health, innovation and adoption,  health informatics, open standards and open source in health and care.

Jun 052014

Our web site is not great and doesn't support much of what we want to do online, but until now we have lacked the resources to do much about it.

However, we have now had an offer from one of HANDI’s corporate members Boiler House www.boilerhouse.co.uk to apply their considerable web development expertise to re-develop the site to give us a better look-and-feel, easier navigation, more content and more facilities.

Work is underway on the new site, but we now need someone from the HANDI community to take on lead responsibility for site content as our Web Editor.  This would involve ensuring the site remained up to date, commissioning people to produce content (i.e. identifying interested stuff and cajoling people to produce content on it) maybe the odd bit of content creation yourself. We are sticking with WordPress, so the web editing skills required are minimal. You can expect web development, design, video facilities  and tech support from Boiler House. You can also expect admin support from Jill Riley (HANDI's administrator who is good at chasing people who have agreed to do stuff, as a proof reader, and familiar with WordPress able to upload content/updates) and for members of HANDI's Executive to flag stuff of interest and produce content.

The job requires in order of importance:

  1. Commitment and enthusiasm – With the ability to commit  2 – 4 hours per week
  2. Domain knowledge about health and care apps – You don’t have to be a great expert, but enough to know what’s going on and what’s interesting in the sector and have networks that you can tap for content.
  3. Able to write copy and proof read and have insights in to other forms of web content.

We offer the opportunity to join the HANDI executive team and work with HANDI at an interesting time.

If your interested and would like to discuss, without any commitment drop an me an email ewan@handihealth.org and we can agree a convenient time to talk