Mar 102014

HANDI has some exciting plans to develop HANDI and the services we offer to members.

To help us develop these plans we want to understand more about the demographics of our membership, what you value about what HANDI has done so far and what you would like us to do in the future.

To this end we have created an online questionnaire and would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing it.

You can find the questionnaire here

Thank you for giving us your views!

Mar 072014

At HC2014 in Manchester on 19th and 20th March UK Trade & Investment are hosting an International Exchange which may be of interest to HANDI members with products and service they wish to sell outside the UK. The exchange offers expert trade advice to enhance your business prospects. What's an International Exchange?

UKTI bring international trade experts and primed international buyers to you, so you can increase your export potential. Register for HC2014 and then pre-book your  one-to-one meeting with the expert / buyer of your choice.

What's the benefit?

Whether you've never exported before or you're an old-timer keen to increase your reach, at HC2014 the UKTI International Exchange enables you to:

• Present products to international buyers

• Discuss global opportunities and best practice

• Learn of industry developments in key markets

• Boost your international contacts and network

HC2014 is free to attend so book your free place.