Jun 082013

GPSoC is the the procurement framework under which IT in for GP practices is funded. The existing arrangements have a narrow  focus and are of little interest outside of the core  GP clinical systems market. However the new GPSoC procurement which has just started has a much broader scope and provides an important opportunity for app developers and indeed anyone who wants to sell products or services in or which interoperate with UK general practice.

The OJEU Contract Notice was published on 28 May and has now been followed by more information including the Memorandum of Information and a link to request the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). The deadline for submission of the PQQ is noon on 4th July

This framework is very broadly drawn and while its core purpose in the provision of GP Clinical Systems to English general practice it provides a procurement vehicle which could provide a route to market for a wide range of apps, digital tools and services for use in general practice or related to interoperability with general practice from other parts of the care system , with the framework available for use by any public sector body across all the home countries in the UK.

There are three lots.

Lot 1 is centrally funded and relates to GP Clinical Systems and certain high priority subsidiary products and apps. In particular lot 1 covers apps that provide patients with GP record access and access to GP transactional services (appointment bookings, prescription requests etc) - an area of potential interest to many HAND members

Lots 2 and 3 are not centrally funded but provide a flexible procurement route for local NHS or other public sector bodies wanting to procure the products and services covered. Lot 2 covers additional GP IT services while lot 3 covers cross-care setting interoperable services. My reading is that these lots could also include patient facing apps and services which GP Practice, CCG or CSU wish to procure for use by patients they serve.

The future GPSoC Contract also place a requirement on principle system suppliers to provide open interfaces to third party products and services, which together with the procurement framework provided create a very significant opportunity for vendors large and small in this key market, which all vendors should investigate.

This post is adapted with permission from a post by HANDI founder Ewan Davis on the Woodcote Consulting web site. Woodcote offer consultancy services to those seeking help exploring opportunities under the new GPSoC arraignments.