Mar 222013

It a year today since the formal incorporation of HANDI Health CIC and a few weeks more since we first announced our plans.

In our first we have achieved a great deal:

  • Nearly 1000 members in our network from all segments of the community
  • Well over a 1000 followers on Twitter
  • An expanding web presence
  • 5 regional groups with 5 more in the planning
  • Our first sponsors and some Government funding
  • Active cooperation with many organizations including:
    • NHS Commissioning Board
    • Cabinet Office
    • Health and Social Care Information Centre
    • Many universities
    • London Connect
    • Intellect – (the Industry Trade Association)

Our Challenge for the rest 0f 2013 is to continue to build our network and web presence. We have announced a series of free regional workshops support by the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network. These workshops will also be available to view online and will result in White Papers covering subject of importance to the App Community.

We will also shortly be announcing plans for a major national conference and some exciting app challenges will provide the opportunity for developers to compete for support to develop their app or idea.

HANDI is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and to take our work forward we need support from those who find value in it. The next few months will see a major drive for sponsorship and if HANDI is to survive an flourish we need your support – Please Help

Mar 022013

This is the content of the update email sent to members on 1 Feb - If you want to receive these and a other email from HANDI please register here

HANDI has arranged a meeting in London on 20th March for members who think they might be interested in tapping into the 75M€ European Union ICT Policy Support Programme – Themes of the latest call include: ICT for health, ageing well-being and inclusion and Digital content, open data and creativity – Both of which are relevant to many HANDI members.


I was recently introduced to LiveCode a cross platform development tool that makes it easy to develop apps. LiveCode is about to go open-source and it looks to me that it is amongst the best tools of its type. If you’re a developer or someone who thought it would be too hard to become a developer LiveCode is worth a look.


Our NE Cluster is planning a meeting to look at Social value and health apps The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 requires buyers of public services to consider the widest range of social benefits in procurement decisions. HANDI hope that this meeting will provide some guidance on what this means for app developers and commissioners of services. We are particularly interested in finding some NHS Commissioners in the NE to work with us if you can help or want to know more email

One of  HANDI's founder's Sarah Amani of Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust has just released an app she has help develop with young service users which can help young people make informed choices about what to do to improve your mental health. The app “My Journey” is a good example of how apps can help in the mental health field and the design approach a exemplar of user centred design See:


We are working hard to build activity in our local clusters and in particular to get our new Scottish and NW Clusters off the ground – This needs people willing to take a leadership role if you can help please email me

I recently spoke at Healthcare Apps – Maximising the Impact in Liverpool - A great event with some interesting presentations these are now available online via the link below. Richard Brady’s presentation on App quality has some worrying findings and is a must read for anyone interested in app quality as is the presentation from Neil Ebenezer from the MHRA on the Medical Devices Directive. While on a more upbeat note the case studies of some successful apps are also worth looking at



Mar 012013

One of our members, Dave Kilroy recently brought a cross platform development tool LiveCode to my attention. The Edinburgh based company behind LiveCode has just raised around £500k via KickStarter which will be used to clean up and re-factor their code base and take the project Open-Source.

LiveCode provides a cross platform tool then enables anyone to create apps quickly and easily and it seems to me that it will be of interest to many HANDI members.

Dave writes:

"Some of your readers/members may remember a thing called HyperCard from long ago - it was an easy-to-learn scripting environment where users could make pretty sophisticated (for the time) software. There were various 'flavours' of the technology but the best known version shipped with Apple computers - until Steve Jobs ditched it…

" However it didn't die out and after a series of adventures was taken on and re-invented by a Scottish Company called Runtime Revolution . The language is now called LiveCode - and it's pretty good!

 "In it you can develop software on a Linux, Windows or OSX machine and deploy to Windows, Linux and OSX desktops, there is a server version running on Apache, and you can use it to create apps for Android and iOS devices. It is not a 'pretend' language and with it you can make 'proper' software.

" You can find out lots more at RunRev's website but here are a few extra links:

"The company is in the process of making LiveCode open source, and as part of this they want to do a big clean up and re factoring of their huge and ancient code base - to fund this they  put out a KickStarter project  which has recently exceed its, target £350 k"