Feb 152013

London Connect have been running a project to build a community of interest in London around patient health record access which HANDI have been happy to support.

We just be asked to include the report from the public event they held on a snowy January Saturday at the Wellcome Collection in London.

You will find the report here along with other material from the work of the community over the past few months.  It makes fascinating reading about public attitudes to and hopes for record access and digital engagement in health and is a "must read" for all interested in the area.

We are actively working with London Connect about how HANDI can help to continue to support this community of practice through our London Cluster. If you like to know more or get involved please contact lon@handihealth.org

Feb 082013

HANDI are planning a series of regional workshop to be run by our growing network of regional clusters during the year commencing  April 2013.

See our events diary for those events already scheduled

We have secured funding which will allow some of these to deliver free and would like to know what subjects HANDI members would like us include in the programme.

We have three themes in mind but are open to other suggestions. These themes are:

  • Understanding the Market - Helping members of the community understand health and social care and the market opportunities for apps and digital tools
  • Business models and Finance – Raising investment and creating sustainable business models for apps for Health and Care - Practical advice for both commercial and social entrepreneurs.
  • Ensuring app quality - What are the regulatory obligations and voluntary opportunities to demonstrate app quality? How can developers meet and exceed these to differentiate their products and build market share?
  • Playing nicely together - Ensure apps play nicely with others and with the broader health and care IT ecosystem - Interoperability, orchestration and user interface design.

Our expectation that there will be more that one workshop looking in detail at specific issues under one of these themes. Our aim is to provide actionable, practical guidance for teams developing and implementing apps in Health and Care.

Please share any ideas you have as comments below and if you have not registered with us please sign up here so you get details of the events we decide to deliver

Feb 012013

Spoke at a great event today organised by Merseyside & Cheshire HIEC with support from Greater Manchester HIEC: Healthcare Apps - Maximising the Impact

Lots of food for thought. Particularly discussion about the quality of many apps (which is not good) and the need for quality assurance with an helpful presentation from MHRA.

My presentation below and you find a full set here

And a storify that pulls the tweets from the event together