Jun 212012

HANDI has just completed three initial launch events and is three months old today so this seem a good time to update you on progress and future plans.

We have now got just under 550 people registered with HANDI of which about 210 attended one of our workshops.

Follow-up meetings are already taking place in our NE Cluster and plans are advancing fast for our London and Midlands clusters. Were keen to identify people who would like to take an active role in the steering groups for each cluster and If your able to help please get in touch. lon@handihealth.org, mid@handihelath.org or ne@handihealth.org. Things have been very hectic and it you have already expressed an interest using any other channel it would be helpful if you could do so again using the relevant email above.

We have added a discussion forum to the web site and are keen to get conversations running on this. You can use it to ask questions or make comments about anything to do with health and care apps or HANDI and can also use it to publicise your apps - Click Here

As you know HANDI is a not-for-profit community interest company and we have got this far on generous support in cash and kind from a small number of our supporters. We need to raise further funds and are looking for organisations willing to become founding sponsors with an initial donation of at least £1,000 If you are interested please get in touch info@handihealth.org  and we can explain what we can offer in return.

Future plans include a series of further workshops in the autumn to launch new clusters in West Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales with a programme of activities around these and our existing clusters as well as additional facilities on our web site. We want to address those issues that are a priority to you, so please use the discussion forum to tell us want you want, but we can only deliver if you and other members are willing to work with us to help make things happen.





Jun 122012

We have recently added a discussion form to the HANDI web site www.handihealth.org/discussion-forum which we hope will help facilitate discussion within the HANDI community.

We have set up some initial forums and hope you will participate. The structure of the forum will develop based on your feedback and the posts we get. For now we have set up the forums listed below. Let as know if you think we should split/merge any of the forums or if you think there are new ones we need to add. We are also just getting to know the Mingle plug-in we are using to run the forum and would welcome any suggestions or help on how we might configure it more appropriately - You can post comments and suggestion to the HANDI Forum.


Tell us what you think about HANDI. How you want to see HANDI develop, what we should do and how you can help us.

My Apps

Tell us about apps you have written or apps you like

App Chat

For app chat not covered elsewhere

Offered and Wanted

Use this forum to find partners, collaborators and services related to health and care apps

Clinical Content and Interoperability

Issues related to clinical content, clinical data standards and interoperability

Business Models

For discussion about business models both commercial and social

Legal and Regulatory

For discussion of legal and regulatory issues related to apps including: IPR, licensing, the Medical Devices Directive and product liability


For discussion of technical issues related to app development, APIs, platforms, technical standards, tools and development methodologies






Jun 102012
SNR Denton who sponsored our London Workshop are running this event which may be of interest to some HANDI members

How to Present to VCs: Mastering the Elevator PitchNEW! Three promising startup pitches added!So you want to be an entrepreneur?  Got this totally disruptive idea that is a sure winner but there is just one thing missing - investment capital.

Come to hear from a panel of leading investors and advisors who will share their insights and criteria for delivering the perfect pitch. Learn what it takes to pique investors' interest in your new venture and common pitfalls to avoid.


Michael Kaplan, Partner, Albion Ventures
Ellen van den Broek, WH PH Ltd and currently Advisor, DN Capital
John Kenny, Delta Partners
Jo Oliver, Investment Director, Octopus Ventures
Fabrice Bienfait, Principal, Environmental Technologies Fund

Gary Hanson, Partner, BDO
Dr Piers Clark, Chairman, Isle Utilities
Andrew Harris, Partner, SNR Denton, Milton Keynes
Richard Horning, Counsel, SNR Denton, Silicon Valley
Victor Boyajian, Head, Venture Technology, SNR Denton, New York


16:30 Registration and refreshments
17:00 Seminar starts
18:30 Drinks and canapés

To RSVP, email Samantha Huntington.