May 242012

We plan to start a weekly #tag chat on Twitter every Thursday from 8pm - 9pm - There is lots to talk about and you can join in.

Just follow @handihealth and watch the #tag #handihealth

If you have not yet taken the plunge with Twitter this may be the time to do it. Twitter can be fun but can also be a serious business tool (good idea to keep the two apart) is good for #tag chats just search for #handihealth and save the search as a new column

If you can’t join us live you can see what we talked about retrospectively, but it will be more fun to be there and join in.

With thanks to Chris Thompson who is going to run this for us.

As well as Twitter you can talk face to face at one of our free workshops and with a new bigger London venue we now have places on both the London and Warwick workshops – Booking Click Here

May 242012

Checklist have great potential for saving lives and making the work of doctors easier. Read about Surgeon Atul Gawande’s work to understand how powerful simple checklist can be

HANDI Supporter Dr Wai Keong Wong and others and will be working on some tools to support checklist up the upcoming NHS Hackday this weekend and writes to tell others about his work

I'd like to draw your attention to an open-source project called ChecklistHQ ( It aims to become a platform for the creation, collaborative development, distribution and utilisation of checklists within healthcare.

It's currently in the planning stages with some initial experimental work already done. Over the course of this weekend a team of doctors and software engineers will be developing the application at the very first NHSHackday here in London this weekend  (26/27 May)

If you have time, we'd love feedback, comments, suggestions and critique over the weekend as we update the website and build features. For the time being you can see the WHO Surgical Checklist using an experimental version of this  platform at the website.

We envision building an application that lets doctors:

  • Create a checklist (with the minimum amount of technical overhead:
  • simply type in a checklist) that can be immediately utilised.
  • Edit your own checklists and have all changes tracked.
  • Collaborate on the development of checklists and be able to share
    expertise, contribute changes and add comments - again, with all
    changes tracked.
  • Easily find checklists for different situations by relevant keywords
  • Immediately use checklists on multiple devices: smartphones,
    browsers, tablets (iPad) or even paper (printer required).

You can find the code hosted here:

A wiki for use over the weekend can be found here:

Bugs, features and tasks for the weekend will be appearing here:

We'll be using the #checklisthq and #nhshackday tags on Twitter and tweeting as the @checklisthq user.

May 072012

It’s now just over six weeks since we first announced HANDI and progress continues to be amazing. We have had 355 people register with HANDI and the numbers continue to grow.

Our first workshop takes place in Newcastle next week and is sold out! The London workshop is still four weeks away we have already filled 65% of the available places and expect this to “sell out” too.

We will shortly be opening bookings for the Warwick workshop on June 13. This venue has the largest capacity of the three initial events and we hope to be able to accommodate anyone we have to turn away from the other events as well as those for whom Warwick is the first choice.

HANDI plans to build local clusters round each of the workshop locations and we have busy building links. We hope to be able to identify some individuals to help us take these local clusters forward from each of the workshop and have lots of ideas for follow-up activities.

We are also working on workshops in Scotland and South Wales and now have a group of members who want to facilitate a workshop in Leeds. If you can help with any of these events or the local clusters that we hope will be built around them please get in touch.

We also started work building a new web using the Drupal open source CMS.  This will help us serve our growing community more effectively. This platform will support discussion forums, a knowledge repository and a “dating” service that will help members identify those with who opportunities for cooperation may exist. We have lots more ideas for the web platform and would welcome help from any of you with relevant skills and experience to help us build it faster.

Audio and slides from the Newcastle Meeting will be available here soon as will details about or plans for future activities for the Newcastle Cluster.