HANDI – Supporting the Architects of the Digital Health Revolution to Deliver Compassionate Care


The HANDI web site recently suffered a denial of service attack which meant for the last 48 hours we had to revert to an old backup of the site . We have now restored a recent backup so the site is back up to date . However while we carry out work to secure the site from such future attacks we have locked down logins which means you won’t be able to register with HANDI or login to your profile. We hope to restore this functionality shortly

HANDI seeks to facilitate the creation of a world where openness, collaboration and the transformational power of digital technology improves the health and well-being of people and helps health and care and care professionals deliver high quality compassionate care.


HANDI-HOPD HANDI’s most important initiative yet.

HANDI Health Apps 2014 @EHI live – Programme online

Read more about our Vision Here or Watch this for an introduction to from Dr Ian McNicoll HANDI taken from a recent conference presentation.

Find out more about HANDI-HOPD here

HANDI is a not-for-profit company created to enable learning and partnerships in health and care and to work to create an community in which the promise of apps can be fully realised.

HANDI is not just about apps but about new way of creating tools that support health, care and well-being that at present are best exemplified by the app paradigm.

In this new world we want to see beautiful tools each performing a specific task well that ”play nicely together as part of a mixed-economy in an open health IT ecosystems supporting health, care and well-being and creating economic opportunity and sustainable business models.

This new approach centres on agile user centred design with end-users, health and care professional and software developers working together to create high quality tools that are desirable and functional.

HANDI is for: Patients, Careers and the Public, Health and Care Professionals (Practitioners and Managers), App Developers, Academia, Industry, Government and the Investor Community and anyone else who supports or vision. Basic membership and most of our events are free and open to all.

Join us and Sponsor us to make this happen