HANDI – Supporting the Architects of the Digital Health Revolution to Deliver Compassionate Care


HANDI seeks to facilitate the creation of a world where openness, collaboration and the transformational power of digital technology improves the health and well-being of people and helps health and social care professionals deliver high quality compassionate care.

HANDI is a not-for-profit organisation owned and run for those who support our vision and want to work with similarly minded individuals and organisations to make it a reality.

The Challenge

Since the foundation of HANDI in 2012 many thousands of apps have been created in the English language relating to some aspect of health, care and well-being. These apps include those intended to be used by people in relation to their own health and care, others by family and informal carers and others by health and care professionals.

Apps have the potential to transform the way we look after our own health and that of our loved ones, and how health and social care services are organised and delivered by health and care professionals.

Good apps deliver innovative solutions to a narrow and tightly designed problem and are designed to be functional and desirable for their target users. Many individuals and small companies are capable of creating good apps and given the many thousands that have done so it is hardy surprising that the very best are truly exceptional.

However, making these apps sustainable and effectively deploying them at scale requires that some difficult problems are addressed. Doing this is beyond the typical app developer working in isolation but requires they work together with the broader health and social care community.  It is the creation of this cooperation that is the purpose of HANDI.

Join us and Sponsor us to make this happen